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Noah Wyle

written by: shimonbentzvi
A quiz on Noah Wyle and his character on E.R., Dr. Carter.

Question 1:

What is Noah Wyle's full birth name?
Noah Parker Wyle
Noah Strausser Speer Wyle
Andres Noah Whitlow
Andrew Noah Wylie-Braacke

Question 2:

When was Noah Wyle born?
June 4, 1971
June 4, 1974
June 4, 1977
June 4, 1981

Question 3:

Which famous acting school did Noah Wyle attend?
Northwestern University
The Actor's Studio
New York University
University of Southern California

Question 4:

What was Noah Wyle's first real acting role?
1991 "83 Hours 'Til Dawn"
1990 "Stranger at My Door"
1992 "Blind Man's Bluff"
1990 "Blind Faith"

Question 5:

Noah Wyle true big break came in 1992. What was it?
His role in “A Few Good Men" as Cpl. Jeffrey Barnes
His role in “Mr. and Mrs. Bridges" as Pee Wee Russell
His role in "The Hudsucker Proxy" as Johnny Hodges
His role in "Have I Got News for You" as Harry Carney

Question 6:

Which statement about Noah Wyle is not true?
He collects objects involved with the Biblical story of "Noah's Ark.”
Noah first appeared in "ER " in 1994.
Noah married actress Tracy Warbin in 2000 after both appeared in an episode of "ER."
Noah wanted to be an NBA player.

Question 7:

Which statement is true about Noah Wyle?
Noah and Tracey Wylie both appeared in a TV Public Service Announcement for UNICEF.
Noah got the role of Dr. John Carter after the first audition.
Noah is the only "ER” actor to be in the first seven years of the show.
Wylie and Tracey bought what was once Bo Derek's ranch in Santa Ynez Valley.

Question 8:

Noah Wyle received several Emmy nominations. Which statement is true?
He got five straight nominations for his first five years on "ER."
He was nominated for six straight years but only won in 1996, 1997 and 1999.
He got three straight nominations but only the first two were for "ER."
He got two straight nominations but only won in 1995.

Question 9:

In jest, Noah Wyle appeared as a famous person at a business convention. Who did he pretend to be?
Jim Cramer
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Lawrence Collins

Question 10:

Noah Wyle agreed to serve as the voluntary artistic producer of a theater company. Which one?
The Blank Theater Company
The Actor's Studio
The Northwestern University Drama Group
The Westwood Actor's Company

Question 11:

In the movie series "The Librarian”, what role does Noah Wyle play?
Edward Wilde
Ed Judson
Flynn Carsen
Tommy Hawk

Question 12:

In which movie does Noah Wyle play a Nazi?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 13:

In 2001 Noah Wyle appeared in "Donnie Darko." Which of these actors did not?
Johnny Knoxville
Jake Gyllenhaal
Drew Barrymore
Maggie Gyllenhaal

Question 14:

In "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear” with Noah Wyle in the title role, the library's doors make a noise that imitates the sounds made by doors in which TV show ?
Get Smart
My Favorite Martian
Star Trek

Question 15:

Which statement about Noah Wyle’s character on ER, Dr. John Carter, is untrue?
He was made an attending physician only after his charity organization donated a huge amount of money to the hospital.
At his Medical School graduation he was in attendance with his mother but not his father.
He was described as "younger, richer, and better looking than anyone will ever be.”
He had an affair with Abby Lockhart.


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