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Name That Word, Again!

written by: Deaner
All the names in this quiz are also words with their own meanings. I'll define the word, you give me the corresponding common name.

Question 1:

This first name can also be a last name. It's also slang for a kind of sausage. I don't mean to be direct, but you should know the answer by now.

Question 2:

This often used first name was the last name of a famous U.S. judge. It can also pertain to a law enforcer or a famous post WWII program.

Question 3:

You can eat this, or you can use it to surf the Internet. Gwyneth Paltrow decided it was also a perfect name for her daughter.

Question 4:

This androgynous name is also a word meaning to strike lightly.

Question 5:

This can be a woman's name, or a type of sweet red wine made in Spain.

Question 6:

This female name can also be used to describe the air when it's thick with moisture, or what happens to your eyes during a sad movie. It also refers to a Pokemon character.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 7:

This name is given to males and females, though more often to females. Even with this name, they may not always bring joy and good tidings.

Question 8:

This is a popular first name for a male. If you take away one letter from his name, he becomes a native of a coastal country steeped in history.

Question 9:

This name is a shortened form of another name. It is also a word associated with theft.

Question 10:

This first name is also something that may be passed in Congress, or used to catch fish in a pond.

Question 11:

This name is usually masculine in French-speaking countries but feminine in English-speaking countries. If you add one letter to it, you get a popular type of trousers.


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