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Name That Word!

written by: Deaner
All the names in this quiz are also words with their own meanings. I'll define the word, you give me the corresponding common name.

Question 1:

This man's name is one of the most common names today, but it is often associated with restrooms and prostitutes.

Question 2:

This name would fit perfectly if he had no arms, no legs, and was hanging on a wall in a museum.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 3:

It's a female name, and you shouldn't be surprised if she likes the beach.

Question 4:

Just because someone has this name, doesn't mean you can throw them down and walk all over them.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 5:

This is one of the shortened versions of a prestigious and historied first name. It is used very often as a verb and a noun. If you try hard, it will come to you.

Question 6:

It may be hard to trust someone with this very popular first name, I'm not joking.

Question 7:

If this guy was born in London, you might think he was named after a large clock.

Question 8:

This nickname is derived from shortening a common first name, not from a man's ability to stay afloat in rough waters.

Question 9:

This nickname is derived from a popular English name, and is also an informal name for an amplifying device.

Question 10:

When used as an adjective, this name means lecherous or sexually aroused.

Question 11:

This popular women's name is also a disparaging term aimed at unmanly men.

Question 12:

This name is also a word that means a mechanical or hydraulic lifting device. It is also used as a slang word meaning money.

Question 13:

This name became derogatory slang for the northern communist forces that fought against the southern army and their American allies during the Vietnam War.

Question 14:

This nickname, that is often used to describe someone who is mean, is also a slang word pertaining to anatomy.

Question 15:

This given name gets most of its use as a word describing a kind of gem or a shade of color.


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