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More Two Hit Wonders (70s)

written by: spaauw
These artists are often cited as examples of one hit wonders. All of them had a top ten hit in the 70s. We remember those songs. But each had exactly one follow up hit which made it into Billboard's Top 40 as well, and perhaps isn't as memorable. How many do you remember?

Question 1:

Mark Lindsay, the lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders, had a top ten hit with "Arizona" in 1970. Later that year, this second try peaked at number 25. He never charted again.
Birds of a Feather
Sweet Bird of Paradise
Silver Bird
Lonely Bird

Question 2:

The Five Man Electrical Band, a Canadian group, had a hit in 1971 with "Signs" which reached number 3. This follow up peaked at number 26.
Control of Me
Absolutely Right
Sunny Days

Question 3:

One of the most fondly remembered one hit wonders of the 70s is "Brandy" by the Looking Glass (1972). Their second attempt, which reached number 33, is forgotten today. Name that song.
The Sailor Returns
Brandy's Still a Fine Girl
Ain't Got Time Any More
Jimmy loves Mary-Anne

Question 4:

In the summer of 1974, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing this artist's number 1 hit "Rock Your Baby". The following spring, it was hard to go anywhere where they played his follow up song, "I Get Lifted".
George Harrison
George Clinton
George McRae
George Michael

Question 5:

This Canadian band had a fondly remembered hit with "Last Song". Their next attempt, "Close Your Eyes", isn't so well remembered.
Guess Who
Edward Bear

Question 6:

A song found in many collections of 70s one hit wonders is "Sky High" (1975). It wasn't quite a one hit wonder, though, as the group's "Love Fire" made it to number 30 the following year. What was the group?

Question 7:

This New Orleans funkster hit number 6 with 1970's "Groove Me". His follow up "Baby Let Me Kiss You" didn't groove too many people, though, peaking at number 29.
King Floyd
Major Harris
George Duke
General Johnson

Question 8:

The Canadian group The Poppy Family hit number 2 with "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" in 1970. A few months later, this song performed by them peaked at number 29.
That's Where I Went Wrong
Where Evil Grows
I Was Wondering
You Don't Know What Love Is

Question 9:

This singer's song "Me and Mrs. Jones" is frequently heard on oldies stations, which is not surprising, since it reached number one in 1972. For some reason we rarely heard his follow up, "Thanks for Saving My Life".
Billy Preston
Billy Swan
Billy Joel
Billy Paul

Question 10:

This group's song "Sideshow" is a popular oldie which reached number 8. The follow up, "Three-Ring Circus" also released in 1974, didn't make it as far, despite having a similar theme.
Blue Magic
Free Movement

Question 11:

The Bellamy Brothers had a number one smash with "Let Your Love Flow" in 1976. They tried this lame pick-up line the next time around, and it peaked at number 39.
I'll Cook You Dinner if You Cook Me Breakfast
Your Feet Must Be Tired Cause You've Been Running Through My Mind
There Must Be Something Wrong With My Eyes, I Can't Take Them Off You
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me

Question 12:

This group cracked the top 10 in 1973 with "Natural High". The next year "Outside Woman" only made it as high as number 34.
Avant Garde


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