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More Fabulous Firsts

written by: shimonbentzvi
This is a quiz on "firsts" from different fields.

Question 1:

She was the first woman to wear high-heeled shoes.
Joan of Arc
Catherine DeMedici
Queen Elizabeth I

Question 2:

Who was the first Tzar of Russia?
Ivan the Terrible
Boris Godenoff
Michael Romanoff
Nicolai Terravinasonoff

Question 3:

What was the first credit card?
Carte Blanc
Diners Club
American Express
Kresge's Green Card

Question 4:

She was Johnny Carson's first guest on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson".
Joan Rivers
Joan Crawford
Bette Midler
Judy Garland

Question 5:

When was the Earth's second highest mountain, K2, first climbed?
July 29, 1894
July 29, 1954
July 29, 1944
July 29, 1934

Question 6:

Which statement about fast food restaurants in the USA is not true?
The first Wendy's was opened in Columbus, Ohio.
The first Ben and Jerry's was opened on the campus of Dartmouth University.
The first Burger King was opened in Miami.
The first KFC was opened in Salt Lake City.

Question 7:

Name the captain of the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 8:

Who was given the first numbered patent in the USA?
Paul Revere
Samuel Hopkins
Ben Franklin
Henry Clinton

Question 9:

Who was the first person to parachute?
Leonardo Da Vinci
Andres-Jacques Garnerin
David Gaithier
Lino LaCedelli

Question 10:

Which distinction does Annie Moore hold?
She was the first American woman to be a dentist.
She was the first immigrant to the USA to pass through Ellis Island.
She was the first American woman to win a Nobel Prize.
She was the first American woman to graduate from college.

Question 11:

Which was the first women's college in the USA?
Bryn Mawr
Mt. Holyoke

Question 12:

What distinction does Sir Timothy Berners-Lee hold?
He made the first cell phone call.
He was the first non-American to hold a US patent.
He is the inventor of the World Wide Web.
He was the first RAF pilot to shoot down a plane.

Question 13:

What did Dan Brinklin and Bob Frankston invent?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
the first computer spreadsheet
the first wordpocessing program
the first silicon-based circuit board
the first video game

Question 14:

Which was the first TV sitcom?
Mary Kay and Johnny
The Dobkins
I Love Lucy
The Goldbergs


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