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written by: eyez2k1ss
This is the most commercially-successful board game in U.S. history and... probably one of your favorite childhood games. Learn some interesting facts about it!

Question 1:

The popular board game Monopoly is named after the economic term of the same name which refers to what market structure?
The politics of a government to encourage private property
The division of the market between single (mono-) owners and joint (-poly) cooperations
The homogenous nature of the market
The domination of the market by a single entity

Question 2:

The board game Monopoly was initially created not only for entertaining purposes but also to demonstrate this aspect of the market.
The negatives of concentrating land in private-owned properties
The number of opportunities private-owned properties gave people
The rapid shift of property in developing markets
The advantages of the transition from state-owned to private-owned property

Question 3:

During World War 2 the game Monopoly was used by the British Secret Services for this very practical and clever purpose.
To secretly provide prisoners of war held by the Nazis with useful objects – maps, compasses, real money, etc.
None of these
To code secret information about key German targets and send it to GB disguised as a Monopoly game
To draw away the attention of Nazi soldiers

Question 4:

In which of these U.S. cities did the first worldwide Monopoly championship take place?
New York
Las Vegas
Washington DC

Question 5:

Which if the following is not among the 12 standard tokens used in Monopoly?
A kettle
An iron
An old shoe
A top hat

Question 6:

According to the official Monopoly rules what happens if the bank runs out of money during the course of the game?
The game ends
The game continues - additional money can be added
The game continues but players cannot get money from the bank anymore
Noone wins

Question 7:

The term "Monopoly money" has been used in popular culture to refer to which of these types of currencies?
All of these
Currencies in which each paper bill is in different color
Currencies that cannot be used to purchase services on the free market
Currencies that cannot be used to purchase goods on the free market

Question 8:

In the standard Monopoly game set, what is the number of the Chance cards?

Question 9:

What version of Monopoly was produced in 1978 by retailer Neiman Marcus?
Chocolate Monopoly
Golden Monopoly
Glass Monopoly
Deluxe Edition Monopoly

Question 10:

Although the Parker Brothers company states that the right length of a Monopoly game should be about 45 minutes, the game often continues for hours because of the hard-to-reach terminating conditions. How much did the longest Monopoly game on record last according to the toy company Hasbro (owner of Parker Brothers)?
70 days
40 hours
70 hours
40 days


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