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Many Degrees of Kevin Bacon

written by: appletoes
All movie lovers out there can't help but hear his name and start with the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". This quiz will see if you know some of the movies in which he starred.

Question 1:

This 1984 movie stars Kevin Bacon as a teenager who moves to a small town that doesn't allow rock music or dancing. After befriending a group of students, they make it their mission to have a senior prom.
White Water Summer
Wild Things

Question 2:

This 1991 romantic comedy stars Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins as rival journalists who eventually discover they have feelings for each other.
The Little Sister
She's Having a Baby
Only When I Laugh
He Said, She Said

Question 3:

This 2005 movie stars Kevin Bacon as a stuck up hairdresser named Jorge.
Barber Shop
Picture Perfect
In the Cut
Beauty Shop

Question 4:

Kevin Bacon stars in this 1990 film about a group of people from a small town in Nevada who discover monster worm-like creatures living underground.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 5:

This 2005 movie, set in the late '50's, stars Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth as a Martin and Lewis-like comedy team who fall apart after a young woman is found dead in their hotel room.
Where the Truth Lies
Murder in the First
End of the Line
The Air up There

Question 6:

This 2002 movie stars Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love, who plays his wife and partner in crime in the abductions of children from wealthy families for ransom rewards.
Where the Truth Lies
Don't Say a Word

Question 7:

This 2004 movie stars Kevin Bacon who portrays a pedophile returning home after being imprisoned for 12 years. He finds himself abandoned by friends and family, then he meets Vicki, a love interest played by real life wife Kyra Sedgwick.
The Woodsman
Saving Angelo

Question 8:

Kevin Bacon stars in this 2000 movie as a brilliant scientist who is developing an invisibility serum for the military. He decides to test the serum on himself and when he is unable to regain his visibility, he becomes violent and begins to kill off everyone who knows about his secret.
The Invisible Man
Hollow Man

Question 9:

In this 1999 movie, Kevin Bacon's character is hypnotized and begins to have visions of a young girl being brutally attacked and then begins to see her ghost. He becomes obsessed with finding out the truth of what happened. In doing so, he puts his life in danger because those around him are trying to keep their own secrets buried.
Stir of Echoes

Question 10:

This 1994 movie stars Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep, who plays an expert rafter on an excursion with her family. They come across two fugitives who try to escape authorities and need to be led down the rapids.
The River Wild
A River Runs Through it
Mystic River
Suspicious River

Question 11:

In this 1997 film Kevin Bacon plays an egotistical co-worker who becomes interested in Jennifer Aniston's character Kate, only after he believes that she is involved with somebody else.
Picture Perfect
He Said, She Said
The Big Picture

Question 12:

In this 1998 suspense/thriller Kevin Bacon plays a police sergeant who gets sucked into a web of sex, lies and murder involving two high school girls and their teacher.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 13:

Kyra Sedgwick, the real-life wife of Kevin Bacon, plays a hooker in this 1995 film also starring Christian Slater.
End of the Line
The Gift
Murder in the First

Question 14:

Taking place in "Hell's Kitchen", this 1996 film is about 4 childhood friends who get sent away to an all-boys juvenile detention center after a prank goes tragically wrong. While there, they are physically and sexually assaulted by the guards, one of whom is played by Kevin Bacon.
Mystic River
Saving Angelo

Question 15:

This 1992 film with an all-star cast which included Kevin Bacon, won numerous categories at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards and was also critically acclaimed on Broadway.
A Few Good Men
She's Having a Baby
My Dog Skip


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