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Love Letters of Famous People

written by: user01
Read the excerpts of the letters and take a shot at identifying the famous people who have written those words.

Question 1:

This famous writer, author of "Les Miserables", wrote the following words: "...You have been privileged to receive every gift from nature, you have both fortitude and tears. Oh, Adele, do not mistake these words for blind enthusiasm - enthusiasm for you has lasted all my life, and increased day by day. My whole soul is yours. If my entire existence had not been yours, the harmony of my being would have been lost, and I must have died -- died inevitably".
John Keats
Joseph Conrad
Victor Hugo
Charles Dickens

Question 2:

Which famous person addressed the following words to his wife Clementine: "Time passes swiftly, but is it not joyous to see how great and growing is the treasure we have gathered together, amid the storms and stresses of so many eventful and to millions tragic and terrible years?"?
Winston Churchill
Abraham Lincoln
Mohammed Ali
Lord Bryon

Question 3:

Which famous poet wrote the following to his beloved Fanny Brawne: "I cannot exist without you - I am forgetful of every thing but seeing you again - my life seems to stop there - I see no further. You have absorb'd me."?
Robert Browning
Percy Bysshe Shelley
John Keats
Lewis Carol

Question 4:

Name the politician who wrote the following words: "Beware, Josephine; one fine night the doors will be broken down and there I shall be. In truth, I am worried, my love, to have no news from you; write me a four page letter instantly made up from those delightful words which fill my heart with emotion and joy."
George Bush
Napoleon Bonaparte
Winston Churchill
Adolf Hitler

Question 5:

Which New Zealand-born author wrote the following: "Do not imagine, because you find these lines in your journal that I have been trespassing. You know I have not - and where else shall I leave a love letter? For I long to write you a love-letter tonight."?
Mary Wordsworth
George Elliot
Virginia Wolf
Katherine Mansfield

Question 6:

Which US President addressed these words to his wife: "...Still this is the day, the day that marks 31 years of such happiness that has come to few me. I told you once that this was like adolescent's dream of what marriage should be like. That hasn't changed."?
George Washington
Theodore Roosevelt
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan

Question 7:

With the following words, this famous person describes to his brother Theo the passion he feels for his cousin Kee: "Life has become very dear to me, and I am very glad that I love. My life and my love are one. "But you are faced with a 'no, never never'" is your reply. My answer to that is, "Old boy, for the present I look upon that 'no, never never' as a block of ice which I press to my heart to thaw."
William Shakespeare
Lewis Carroll
Vincent Van Gogh
George Bernard Shaw

Question 8:

Which writer and philosopher wrote the following while he was in prison: "I am a prisoner here in the name of the King; they can take my life, but not the love that I feel for you. Yes, my adorable mistress, to-night I shall see you, and if I had to put my head on the block to do it."?
Robert Browning
William Wordsworth
D.H. Lawrence


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