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Look Bubba. It's an ALIEN!!!

written by: JoeSmow
Look! Up in the sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane. No, but it just evaporated the president with a ray gun. How about this? I describe the alien. You give me the movie or television program.

Question 1:

This alien had horrible laser and x-ray vision and super strength. He didn't need his UFO to fly. He was made of steel and often disguised himself as human. Who was this being from another planet?
The Thing
The robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
The Blob

Question 2:

This half-human alien had pointed ears, green blood and could incapacitate his victims with a simple touch. He flew around in an unidentified flying object invading other planets throughout space, or the final frontier, (as his captain referred to it).
Mr. Spock
Darth Vader
King Kong

Question 3:

This horribly disfigured creature from a galaxy far away used to look human before he took on his true alien form as cyborg (after a particularly bad beating from another alien). He rose to second in command of The Galactic Empire.
Peter Pan
President Bush
Darth Vader

Question 4:

View the provided image.
This poor victim retaliated against his alien invaders by jumping onto a crew member's face, then mysteriously sliding down his throat to get inside their ship. He then jumped out of the stomach of one of the invaders and took vengeance upon all but one crew member. Unfortunately, that one crew member blew him out of the air lock.
Uncle Martin

View Image

Question 5:

View the provided image.
This slimy, hideous, three-foot creature from another planet, invaded the mind of a small boy, broke his toys to make a phone and then decided it was okay to make the boy's bicycle fly just to avoid capture by the UFO or INS cops.
Captain Kirk
Mighty Joe Young

View Image

Question 6:

This Alien could easily hide in a bowl of Jello Pudding, but if you ate that bowl you might be eating a considerable amount of human flesh!
The Blob
The Thing That Ate New York
The Pudding Monster
The Kebler Elves

Question 7:

View the provided image.
The Aliens from this movie vaporized Congress and the President, but were mysteriously and fatally effected by the wondrous music of Slim Whitman.
Fantastic Voyage
The Blob
Mars Attacks
2001: A Space Odyssey

View Image

Question 8:

View the provided image.
The aliens in this movie blew up our beloved White House, but the President of These United States fights back and with the help of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and no mountains of Afghanistan to hide in, destroys the ship and all the aliens that did it.
The Fresh Prez of D.C.
King Kong Vs. Godzilla
Mars Attacks
Independence Day

View Image

Question 9:

The aliens from this movie forced a simple man to build a facsimile of the Devil's Tower out of his mashed potatoes. What is the name of the movie where this horrible event takes place?
Space Ship Follies
Devil's Tower
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Turkey Day

Question 10:

View the provided image.
The Aliens from this planet invade a human body in a teensy weensy spaceship with the assistance of the very large Raquel Welch.
Earth The Final Frontier
Forbidden Planet
Fantastic Voyage
Teletubbies Attack!

View Image

Question 11:

View the provided image.
The twisted Lunatic aliens from this movie tried to force us to be peaceful by speaking the words "Klaatu Barada Nikto".
The Day Mars Stood Still
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Mars Attacks
The Day the Earth Moved

View Image


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