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Literary Crime

written by: Eve
Fiction dealing with crime and mystery has always enjoyed great popularity. Find out if you are familiar with these criminal cases, as described in famous novels.

Question 1:

In this novel the main character, Rodion Razkolnikov, who lives in St. Petersburg, murders an old pawnbroker and her younger sister, and later, gets overwhelmed by feelings of paranoia and self-loathing.
'Crime and Punishment'
'War and Peace'
'Ana Karenina'
'Sleeping Murder'

Question 2:

In this novel, American millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett is found stabbed to death during a journey. The case is investigated by detective Hercule Poarot, who is also among the passengers.
‘Death Upon the Nile’
‘Murder on the Orient Express’
‘A Carribean Mystery’
‘Fatal Vision’

Question 3:

In the novel ‘A Study In Scarlet’, the word ‘RACHE’ is written in blood on the wall of a deserted house beside a dead body. Name the literary detective who investigates the case.
Drury Lane
Sherlock Holmes
Perry Mason
Hercule Poirot

Question 4:

In this famous play Claudius murders his brother, the King of Denmark, and marries the widowed Queen Gertrude.
'King Lear'
‘The Merchant of Venice’
‘The Tempest’

Question 5:

In this novel, private eye Philip Marlowe is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Terry Lenox’s wife. After Marlowe is released, he finds out that Terry Lenox, himself, has committed suicide in Mexico. When Marlowe gets home, he finds a cryptic note from Lenox and a $5000 bill.
‘The Moving Finger’
‘The Long Goodbye’
‘The Purloined Letter’

Question 6:

In this book, based on a true story, Truman Capote recounts the murders of Herb Clutter, a rich farmer from Kansas, his wife Bonnie, his sixteen-year-old daughter Nancy, and his fifteen-year-old son, Kenyon.
‘Red Harvest’
‘The Moving Target’
‘The Glass Key’
‘In Cold Blood’

Question 7:

In this bestseller, based on a real case and written by Joe McGinnis, Jeffrey MacDonald is accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters.
‘Fatal Vision’
‘Red Harvest’
‘The Thin Man’
‘The Big Knockover’

Question 8:

This author wrote ‘The Road to Gandolfo’, a story in which the former General MacKenzie Hawkins makes up an outrageous plan to kidnap the Pope and to demand a ransom of $400 million – a dollar for every Catholic in the world.
Michael Avallone
Daniel de Silva
Dan Brown
Robert Ludlum

Question 9:

This novel is narrated by the fictional character Frank Chambers, a drifter who stops at a roadside diner and meets ‘femme fatale’, Cora. After starting an affair, Cora and Frank murder Cora’s husband, Nick Papadakis, who is the owner of the diner.
‘Death in the Afternoon’
‘Woman in the Dark’
‘The Partridge Family’
‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’

Question 10:

In this novel, written by Agatha Christie, the Banty family discover in their library the dead body of a young woman. Later, the remains of another dead girl are found in a nearby quarry. Which detective investigates the case?
Hercule Poirot
Father Brown
Miss Jane Marple
Auguste Dupin


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