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Literary Characters

written by: Eve
Try to identify these characters from English and American novels. Some of them are eccentric individuals, others represent universal qualities which we all seem to possess.

Question 1:

This literary character wanted to remain forever young and retain his extraordinarily good looks. As a result of this wish, his portrait begins to age instead of him and becomes horrid and ugly, reflecting the character’s increasing fall into depravity.
Henry Wotton
Dorian Gray
Angel Clare
Basil Halward

Question 2:

This teenage literary hero, living in 1950s New York, thinks that people around him are ‘phonies’. His dream is to be the person who keeps children from falling off a cliff.
Holden Caulfield
Larry Durrell
Joe Lampton
Sal Paradise

Question 3:

This fictional character created by Jack Kerouac embodies the values of the ‘Beat Generation’. He is liberated, hedonistic, intense and dazzlingly unpredictable. He constantly travels round the USA in search of joyful adventure.
Humbert Humbert
Dean Moriarty
Holden Caulfield
Alexander Portnoy

Question 4:

This fictional hero teaches his two children, Scout and Jem, that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird, since the only thing mocking birds do is sing their hearts for people to enjoy.
Atticus Finch
Tom Robinson
Jeems Cunningham
William Jennings

Question 5:

This literary character is the gamekeeper, who helps Constance Chatterley experience a sexual awakening.
Philip Carey
Clifford Chatterley
Oliver Mellors
Arthur Dimmesdale

Question 6:

This fictional character is a World War II flier, stationed on the island of Pianosa, in the Mediterranean. He thinks that everyone wants to kill him. He wants to go home, but he cannot get out of combat duty, because there is a ‘catch’.
John Yossarian
Milo Minderbinder
Nick Caraway
Ethan Hawley

Question 7:

The rivalry between these fictional twin-brothers, born in the Salinas Valley in the Trask family, resembles the relationship of the biblical characters, Cain and Abel.
Holden and Alley
Thomas and Rudolf
Caleb and Aron
Paul and Arthur

Question 8:

This literary protagonist lives in a totalitarian state, where everybody is constantly watched by the dictator, "Big Brother."
Arthur Morel
Billie Bibbit
Winston Smith
Philip Morel

Question 9:

This fictional hero is strongly dominated by his demanding Jewish mother. He says the words, ‘I am marked like a road map from head to toe with my repressions’.
Humbert Humbert
Stephen Dedalus
Jay Gatsby
Alexander Portnoy

Question 10:

Although he is sane, this rebellious, fun-loving literary character is a patient in a mental ward. He confronts the domineering Nurse, Ratched.
Atticus Finch
Randle McMurphy
Winston Smith
Stephen Dedalus


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