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Kin You Dig It?

written by: mwprods
This is a third installment featuring ten more questions to gauge your knowledge of the prominent and interesting kinfolk who are related to celebrities.

Question 1:

This member of a popular 1950s-60s female vocal trio remains equally famous for her relationship with Chicago mobster Sam "Momo" Giancana.
Laverne Andrews
Diana Ross
Martha Reeves
Phyllis McGuire

Question 2:

This actor and director had his own eponymous TV show in the 1950s, his daughter had her own sitcom in the 1960s, and his businessman father was the president of the New York Rubber Co. Who was he?
Stewart Granger
Dick Powell
Robert Montgomery
Ronald Reagan

Question 3:

This multi-Oscar-nominated actor, who is one of the very few film stars to have graduated from Harvard, had a dad who served atop the executive layer of a huge East Coast baking company.
Tony Curtis
Tom Hanks
Jack Lemmon
Tom Cruise

Question 4:

This veteran actor, producer and director, who appeared in "Clockwatchers" and "Pie in the Sky", is the scion of a Hollywood family that played a large role in the making of Paramount Pictures.
Harry Dean Stanton
Bob Balaban
Bruce Dern
Bob Barker

Question 5:

This actor, who became famous with the movie "Captain Blood", had an adventurous son who was presumed to have been killed during the Vietnam War while on assignment as a photographer.
Errol Flynn
Victor Mature
Clark Gable
William Powell

Question 6:

Lou Weiss, who rose to become chairman of the board of the William Morris Agency, is the nephew of which legendary comedian?
Eddie Cantor
George Burns
Jack Benny
Milton Berle

Question 7:

Although his claims to be related to former Vice President Al Gore remain dubious, this fiery American author, playwright and social critic is definitely the stepbrother of Jacqueline Onassis.
Gore Vidal
Herbert Khoury
Leslie Gore
Irwin Corey

Question 8:

Actor, author, and political insider Ben Stein, famous as host of "Win Ben Stein's Money", is the son of Herbert Stein, an economist who served as a chief advisor to which U.S. President?
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon

Question 9:

"Miss Lillian" upstaged her own son partly because of her achievement of having served overseas as a Peace Corps Volunteer in India when she was 68 years old. Name her son who served as U. S. President for one term.
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon Johnson
Gerald Ford
George H.W. Bush

Question 10:

This popular singer and actress, known for her distinctive New York accent, has a sister, Elen, who made headlines back in the 1980s, when she ran for mayor of Phoenix, AZ on the Socialist Workers Party ticket.
Rosie Perez
Cyndi Lauper
Drea de Matteo
Fran Drescher


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