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John H. Hammond

written by: shimonbentzvi
A very difficult quiz on, arguably, the most important man in modern music. John Henry Hammond II is generally unknown and unappreciated. It has been said of him: "The reason that music integrated ten years before baseball is because of John Hammond."

Question 1:

John Hammond was born to a rich family in this US city.
Shaker Heights
New York City

Question 2:

John Hammond began playing piano at age 4 but switched to violin by age 8. He studied violin and viola at this Ivy League college.

Question 3:

In his high school years, John Hammond often sneaked out of his house at night to listen to music at this famous location.
Chicago's South Side
New York's Harlem
Philadelphia's South Street
Cleveland's Beale Street

Question 4:

In 1927 John Hammond heard this performer sing. It affected his entire career.
Carmen McRae
Sarah Vaughan
Bessie Smith
Ella Fitzgerald

Question 5:

John Hammond spent almost his entire working life working for this record company.
Motown Records
Columbia Records
A&M Records
Stax Records

Question 6:

John Hammond's sister, Alice Duckworth Hammond, was married to this good musician, who was a friend of John's.
Glenn Miller
Mitch Miller
Benny Goodman
Louis Prima

Question 7:

In 1931 John Hammond signed his first musician to his record label. What was the name of this musician?
Garland Wilson
Sidney Bechet
Ben Blue
Charlie Parker

Question 8:

In 1938 John Hammond was the producer of the first integrated music performance in a major US venue. What was the venue?
Washington's Kennedy Center
New York's Carnegie Hall
Houston's Soft Machine
Philadelphia's Alhambra Theater

Question 9:

John Hammond was the main force in developing the career of Charley Christian. What was his main instrument?
alto sax
tenor sax

Question 10:

John Hammond heard a really fine Kansas City -based band and immediately brought the band to New York and signed them to his record label. Whose band did he sign?
Benny Goodman
Glenn Miller
Count Basie
Duke Ellington

Question 11:

In 1938 John Hammond organized a series of concerts that promoted Black music. What was the name of this famous series of concerts?
"In My Solitude"
"From Spirituals to Swing"
"A Great Day in Harlem"
"Sweet Chariots"

Question 12:

In 1960 John Hammond heard a wonderful 18-year old, Tennessee-born Gospel singer. He immediately signed her to his record label and the rest is (soul) history. He called her "the best singer since Billie Holiday." Who is she?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 13:

In 1961John Hammond heard this Minnesota-born harmonica player on a record session and immediately signed him to his label.
Bruce Springfield
Billy Joel
Robert Zimmerman
Elvis Costello

Question 14:

In the very early 1960's John Hammond signed a Canadian-born baritone singer/poet/author. Who is this composer of "Suzanne"?
Carl Hester
William Shatner
Robert Johnston
Leonard Cohen

Question 15:

In 1959 John Hammond signed to his label this Nigerian drummer who played traditional African music.
Roger Biwandu
Trilok Gurtu
Babatunde Olatinji
Omar Hakim

Question 16:

In May 1972 John Hammond met and auditioned a young musician from New Jersey and immediately signed him and his E Street Band. Who is this musician known as the Boss?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 17:

The last musician signed by John Hammond was a young guitarist from Texas. He was famous for his use of extra heavy guitar strings. His albums included "Texas Flood," "Soul to Soul," and "The Sky Is Crying."
Troy East
Chris Layton
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Robert Cray

Question 18:

One of John Hammond's sons, John Paul Hammond, is a fine guitarist and composer. He wrote the music to the Western "Little Big Man." Who starred in this 1970 movie?
Gregory Peck
Dustin Hoffman
Kirk Douglas
John Wayne

Question 19:

John Hammond is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Question 20:

John Hammond was a board member of this organization.
American Federation of Musicians

Question 21:

John Hammond never received a Grammy.


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