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It's All Relative

written by: mwprods
The fourth version of a quiz that probes the depth of your fertile knowledge about the roots of some lustrous family trees.

Question 1:

What was special about the town of Columbia, MD where actor Edward Norton Jr. grew up?
It was created by Edmund Bacon, the father of his friend Kevin Bacon.
It was famous for its nude theater company.
It was created by his maternal grandfather, urban planner James Rouse.
It banned cable television.

Question 2:

Singer Etta James is not a billiards player, but she is very aware of the exploits of legendary pool shark "Minnesota Fats". Why?
None of these
She believes that "Fats" was her father.
As a child, she appeared as an extra in the pool movie "The Hustler".
Her father lost the family home in a gambling debt to "Minnesota Fats".

Question 3:

What do the sons of Henry Kissinger, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and former New York Times executive editor Max Frankel have in common?
Their nicknames are all "Stinky."
They were fraternity brothers in college.
Each of them works as a TV/film director or producer.
They attended the same prep school in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

Question 4:

Why does U.S. Congressman Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) have a keen interest in one major character on the HBO series "Entourage"?
His actress daughter plays character Vinnie Chase's press agent.
He worked his way through law school as a parking valet for Hollywood celebs.
His mother runs the show's craft services table.
His brother, Hollywood agent Ariel Emanuel, is the model for the agent character Arie.

Question 5:

What does President George W. Bush have in common with the 16th-century religious dissenter Anne Marbury Hutchinson?
Both are descended from an Irish warlord named Strongbow.
None of these
Both are distant relatives of the Kennedys
Both are distant relatives of the Nixons.

Question 6:

How is the movie "Casablanca" linked to the end of the "Curse of the Bambino" and the Boston Red Sox World Series victory in 2004?
The director of "Casablanca" also directed "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner.
Much of "Casablanca" was originally shot in Florida, spring home of the Red Sox.
The brothers who wrote "Casablanca" are related to the general manager of the Red Sox.
David "Papi" Ortiz, the Red Sox slugger, who grew up in the Dominican Republic, learned to speak English by watching the movie on tape.

Question 7:

What crossed paths connect Uma Thurman with psychologist Timothy Leary, the notorious Pied Piper of LSD, who died in 1996?
Leary's stepson is Ethan Hawke
Leary was once married to Uma's mother.
Timothy Leary was the godfather of Uma Thurman and Winona Ryder.
Leary and Uma's father, a Buddhist-scholar, shared the same mantra.

Question 8:

How are actor William Hurt and Henry Luce, founder of the Time-Life publishing empire, linked?
Hurt's former wife, actress Mary Beth Hurt, is Luce's granddaughter.
They were both once part of the trivia team "NY's Strongest."
Hurt's mother was married to Luce's son, Henry Luce III.
They both dated Marlee Matlin.

Question 9:

What do "The Alamo", "The Exorcist", and the classic TV series "The Honeymooners" have in common?
Relatives Jason Patric, Jason Miller, Jackie Gleason
They all include characters named Ed Norton.
Relatives Davy Crockett, William Friedkin and Audrey Meadows
Relatives Billy Bob Thornton, Ellen Burstyn, Art Carney

Question 10:

Who or what is the common thread among Bernie Williams, Hank Williams, Jr. and Vanessa L. Williams?
They all played outfield professional baseball.
They've all served as judges in the Miss America Pageant.
Their skill in playing classical Spanish guitar pieces
Only their last names


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