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It is the Age of Technology - Acronyms!

written by: steffiebuzz
The golden age of computer technology is constantly bringing countless new acronyms and abbreviations such as DOS, PC, and WWW. How many of them do you know? Take this quiz and find out.

Question 1:

View the provided image.
Some of us are old enough to remember the time when we had to learn and use DOS commands. What does DOS stand for?
Dynamic Operating System
Disk Operating Service
Density Operating System
Disk Operating System

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Question 2:

USB connectors let you attach everything from printers to cameras to your computer quickly and easily. What does the abbreviation USB actually stand for?
Utility Service Bus
Universal Service Bus
Ultra Sensitive Bus
Universal Serial Bus

Question 3:

In the world of computers, what does "PC" stand for?
Personal Computer
Programmable Computer
Privileged Computing
Private Computer

Question 4:

View the provided image.
What does MAC stand for, when referring to computers?
Macintosh Accessible Computer
Multiple Analogue Commands
Multiple Access Commands

View Image

Question 5:

WWW, an abbreviation well known to Internet lovers, actually stands for what?
World Wide Web
Wonderful World of Web-casting
Windows World Wide
World Wild Web

Question 6:

View the provided image.
UPS, an abbreviation referring to a piece of equipment which provides battery backup, stands for what?
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Universal Power System
Ultraviolet Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power System

View Image

Question 7:

Windows NT is a family of operating systems produced by Microsoft. What does NT stand for?
New Technology
Networking and Troubleshooting
Network Terminal
Network Technology

Question 8:

FAT, a file system developed by Microsoft, is the shortened form of what?
File Accessible Table
File Allocation Table
File Acceptance Table
File Array Table

Question 9:

The division of a company or university that deals with software technology is often called the IT department. What does IT stand for?
Informatics and Technology
Inter-networking Technology
Information Technology
Internet Technology

Question 10:

View the provided image.
PDAs are handheld devices, helpful in handling daily schedules. What does the abbreviation PDA mean?
Personal Data Agent
Portable Data Assistant
Palm Digital Assistant
Personal Digital Assistant

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