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Indie Rock

written by: Gilligan
In this audio quiz we're covering indie music from the late 90's till 2007. Sometimes the line between alternative and indie is blurry, but one thing is clear: the music is always interesting. While the mainstream bands keep things radio-friendly, the indie bands diligently push the envelope and move rock music ever-forward. So, if the names Belle & Sebastian, Interpol and Beck don't sound familiar, this may not be the quiz for you. But, who knows, you might find something you like!

Question 1:

Listen to the sound clip
This Oklahoma band has been around since 1983, but it wasn't until their 1999 album, The Soft Bulletin, that their true genius was recognized. Since then, Wayne Coyne and his bandmates have received Grammy awards and critical acclaim (not to mention a degree of commercial success) with their follow up LPs.
The Flaming Lips
Better Than Ezra

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Question 2:

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This indie pop band from Scotland composed the soundtrack to the movie Storytelling (2002). Their other albums Tigermilk (1996) and The Boy with the Arab Strap (1998) exhibit their trademark "baroque pop" sound with enigmatic and literate lyrics reminiscent of The Smiths.
Belle & Sebastian
Arctic Monkeys
The Ravonettes
Neutral Milk Hotel

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Question 3:

Listen to the sound clip
"Slow Hands" and "Evil" were modern rock hits for this NYC band formed in 1998. Their critically acclaimed debut album was titled Turn on the Bright Lights.
Kaiser Chiefs
Mr. Mister

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Question 4:

Listen to the sound clip
This two person band from Detroit won Best Alternative Music Album at the 2006 Grammy Awards for their Get Behind Me Satan LP.
God Lives Underwater
Harvey Danger
The White Stripes
Soul Coughing

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Question 5:

Listen to the sound clip
This band's music was featured prominently in the 2004 film Garden State starring Natalie Portman and Zack Braff. Their albums include Oh, Inverted World (2001) and Chutes Too Narrow (2003).
The Hives
The Doves
The Shins
The Thrills

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Question 6:

Listen to the sound clip
"Soul Meets Body" was a fairly successful modern rock track for this band named after a song performed by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band in The Beatles 1967 Magical Mystery Tour film.
Velvet Revolver
Echo & the Bunnymen
Death Cab for Cutie
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

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Question 7:

Listen to the sound clip
"Gold Lion" and "Maps" were successful modern rock tracks for this NYC band.
Rocket from the Crypt
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
Yo La Tengo
Wolf Parade

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Question 8:

Listen to the sound clip
Upon the release of their 2001 album Is This It?, they were hailed as the saviors of rock. Their image was on every conceivable rock magazine, and it would seem that the very fate of rock and roll was in their hands. Which band, fronted by Julian Casablancas, had such lofty expectations put on them?
The Strokes
Nada Surf
The Replacements
Pedro the Lion

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Question 9:

Listen to the sound clip
"I Predict a Riot" electrified the British press in 2004 - this band's energetic music seemed to recall the same punk and new wave spirit of earlier decades.
Franz Ferdinand
Kaiser Chiefs
Modest Mouse
Snow Patrol

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Question 10:

Listen to the sound clip
This Leicestershire band's signature song "Club Foot" has been featured in several sports video games. They continue to produce hits in the UK with songs like "Empire" and "L.S.F."
Galaxie 500
Folk Implosion

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Question 11:

Listen to the sound clip
This artist was nominated for an Oscar for his composition "Miss Misery" for the film Good Will Hunting. Sadly, the resulting critical acclaim and worldwide fame would be shortlived - this artist was found dead from two stab wounds in 2003.
Nick Drake
Elliot Smith
Pablo Cruise
Kula Shaker

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Question 12:

Listen to the sound clip
In 1993 this artist left the independent labels behind in favor of Geffen Records. Of all the record companies that courted him, Geffen offered him the least amount of money, but the greatest amount of creative freedom.
Sufjan Stevens
Rob Zombie
Ben Folds

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