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How Old Were They? Part 2

written by: tojoyamoto
I'll give an age and you pick who did what. Based on the book There's Always Time for Greatness.

Question 1:

Which statement is true?
At age 37 King James commissions a translation of the Bible.
At age 37 Franz Kafka publishes "The Metamorphosis."
At age 37 Tom Monaghan founds the Domino's Pizza chain.
At age 37 Emperor Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Question 2:

Which statement is true?
At age 43 Edgar Allen Poe publishes "The Raven."
At age 43 Ann Landers begins writing her newspaper advice column.
At age 43 Nostradamus makes his first prediction.
At age 43 Adam West debuts as Batman on the TV show.

Question 3:

Which statement is true?
At age 30 Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run.
At age 30 Sylvia Plath publishes The Bell Jar.
At age 30 Telly Savalas starts shaving his head.
At age 30 John Hancock signs the Declaration of Independence.

Question 4:

Which statement is true?
At age 23 Jerry Garcia founds the Grateful Dead.
At age 23 Lisa Marie Presley inherits $38 million from her father's estate.
At age 23 Ludwig van Beethoven composes the "Moonlight Sonata."
At age 23 Ralph Lauren creates Polo.

Question 5:

Which statement is true?
At age 5 Charlie Chaplin appears with his mother on the vaudeville stage.
At age 5 Napoleon is enrolled in military school.
At age 5 Alfalfa joins the Our Gang troupe.
At age 5 Natalie Wood stars in Miracle on 34th Street.

Question 6:

Which statement is true?
At age 29 Dick Clark premieres his show American Bandstand.
At age 29 Berry Gordy founds Motown.
At age 29 Francis of Assisi dedicates his life to helping the poor and sick.
At age 29 John Keats writes "Ode on a Grecian Urn."

Question 7:

Which statement is true?
At age 35 Columbus lands in the New World.
At age 35 Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.
At age 35 Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first woman to walk in space.
At age 35 Humphrey Bogart plays Rick in Casablanca.

Question 8:

Which statement is true?
At age 57 Anna Sewell writes Black Beauty.
At age 57 Sophocles writes Oedipus Rex.
At age 57 H.G. Wells earns his doctorate from London University.
At age 57 Moses breaks the tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

Question 9:

Which statement is true?
At age 44 Cary Grant stars in North By Northwest.
At age 44 Janet Reno is named the first US Attorney General.
At age 44 Jonathan Swift publishes Gulliver's Travels.
At age 44 Sam Walton founds Wal-Mart.

Question 10:

Which statement is true?
At age 93 James Dewar introduces Twinkies.
At age 93 South Carolina Republican Strom Thurman is reelected to the Senate.
At age 93 Indira Ghandi becomes Prime Minister of India.
At age 93 Grant Wood paints American Gothic.


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