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Hot Nokia Phones

written by: kicker
These are the hottest Nokia wireless phones money can buy today (2005). In each question, view the wireless phone image and name the phone model.

Question 1:

View the provided image.
This upgrade of the 6230 features higher camera and display resolutions, adds push-to-talk and USB capabilities. It boats a megapixel camera and up to 1 hour of video capture.
Nokia 6290
Nokia 6230g
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6240

View Image

Question 2:

View the provided image.
This high-end tri-band GSM phone is encased in high-end materials, including stainless steel and reinforced glass. It features a built-in SVGA camera with video capture.
Nokia N90
Nokia 2115i / 2116i
Nokia 8801 / 8800
Nokia 7280

View Image

Question 3:

View the provided image.
This is Nokia's most advanced camera phone for mid-2005. This high-end phone boasts a rotating 2-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss auto focus lens, flash, and high-resolution video capture.
Nokia 9500 Communicator
Nokia N70
Nokia N90
Nokia 8265 / 8265i

View Image

Question 4:

View the provided image.
This fashion phone is nicknamed "The Lipstick". It sports a unique form factor and interface - a spinning jog wheel and extensive voice-control features replace the traditional keypad.
Nokia 8801 / 8800
Nokia 6681/ 6682
Nokia 8265 / 8265i
Nokia 7280

View Image

Question 5:

View the provided image.
This mid-range clam shell GSM phone boasts dual color displays and a VGA camera.
Nokia 2115 / 2115i
Nokia 2275 / 2285
Nokia 1100b
Nokia 6101 / 6102

View Image

Question 6:

View the provided image.
This tri-mode CDMA/AMPS phone features a 262K TFT internal display and 12MB of memory.
Nokia 7610 / 7610B
Nokia N91
Nokia 3155 / 3155i / 3152
Nokia 9500 Communicator

View Image

Question 7:

View the provided image.
This mid-range CDMA phone features a 65,000-color display, VGA camera with video capture, and streaming video playback.
Nokia 6235i
9500 Communicator
Nokia 6230i
Nokia Cyclone 1100A

View Image

Question 8:

View the provided image.
This tri-band GSM smartphone sports a 262k TFT display, built-in 1.3 megapixels camera with flash and video capture.
Nokia 6681 / 6682
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia 7250 / 7250i
Nokia 1110

View Image

Question 9:

View the provided image.
Thiss sleek entry-level, dual-band GSM phone features a 65k color TFT display and WAP 2.0 Internet browser.
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6015i / 6012 / 6011i / 6016i / 6019i
Nokia 5140
Nokia N-Gage

View Image

Question 10:

View the provided image.
This is Nokia's first WCDMA phone for North America, Based on the 6650 for Europe
Nokia 7650
Nokia 6651
Nokia 6650i
Nokia 6660

View Image


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