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Home Front USA In World War Two

written by: danmontg
Of all the major World War Two belligerents, the US was probably the best to be in. But it had its problems, stresses and changes too. How much do you know about life in the US during World War Two?

Question 1:

During WWII rubber was in short supply since the Japanese took over some of the best rubber producing areas. What measures were taken in the US to curtail the use of rubber by civilians?
All of these
Tires were rationed.
Gasoline was rationed to reduce travel and therefore reduce wear on tires.
Speed limits on highways were lowered to reduce wear on tires.

Question 2:

Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, WWII had been fought for well over two years in Europe and even longer between Japan and China. Though officially neutral, what did the US do to help friendly nations?
Provided the Soviet Union with raw materials
Sent US Marines to help the Chinese nationalists
Sent part of the US Army Air Force fleet of B17 bombers to help the British
Protected British convoys in the Atlantic

Question 3:

What did American children often do during WWII to contribute to the war effort?
Provided aircraft observers to help their adult counterparts spot enemy airplanes.
Gathered scrap metal, rubber, etc. that could be recycled.
They worked part time in munitions factories.
They took part in basic military training

Question 4:

Which of the following US cities was hit by shell fire or bombing during WWII?
Charleston SC
All of These
San Francisco

Question 5:

President Roosevelt met with other Allied leaders several times at several places during WWII. Which is the only leader he met in the White House in Washington?
Winston Churchill
Charles de Gaulle
Chiang Kai-shek
Joseph Stalin

Question 6:

What statement is true about the US Presidential election scheduled in the midst of the war for November 1944?
It was delayed until the Japanese surrender.
It was carried out without any significant changes.
It had five voting days instead of one to give people a better chance to vote.
It was canceled and Roosevelt allowed to continue as President.

Question 7:

View the provided image.
Members of which ethnic group were held in large numbers in US internment camps for several years during WWII despite the fact that many of them were US citizens?

View Image

Question 8:

During WWII, famous athletes, movie stars, and other celebrities often made appearances to encourage Americans to do which of the following?
Follow the rationing rules
Enlist in the armed forces
Buy war bonds
Write letters to servicemen

Question 9:

During WWII, this major weapons development project had facilities in New Mexico, Washington state, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Jet planes
Atomic bomb
B-29 bomber
Phosphine gas

Question 10:

During WWII, besides money, what else did you need in order to buy a scarce product such as gasoline in the US?
A certificate from the national rationing bureau
A US citizen's ID card
A ration coupon for the product
A sworn statement that the product was essential to you

Question 11:

During WWII, the booming defense industries and the shortage of labor opened substantial new job opportunities in the US for this group of people.
African Americans

Question 12:

This Christmas song, first sung by Bing Crosby, became number one on the hit parade and a favorite of troops abroad in the Christmas seasons of 1942 through 1944.
Sleigh Ride
I'll be home for Christmas
Jingle Bells
White Christmas


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