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Hit Songs from American Idol Contestants

written by: sanitation
The title of the quiz pretty much sums it all up. This quiz will be about "American Idol" contestants and the music that they have released, since leaving the show. I am thinking that there are at least ten (10) songs that have done great on the billboard charts. I guess we will have to find out, right? If you have watched this popular television show with some regularity, then you should do fairly well on this quiz. Good luck and start quizzing!

Question 1:

The song "Invisible" was a big hit song for this former "American Idol" runner-up in 2003.
Justin Guarini
Bo Bice
Clay Aiken
Ruben Studdard

Question 2:

The song "Before He Cheats" was a huge hit song for this former "American Idol" winner in 2006.
Jordin Sparks
Carrie Underwood
Kelly Clarkson
Fantasia Barrino

Question 3:

"Tattoo" was a big hit song for this former "American Idol" winner.
Fantasia Barrino
Carrie Underwood
Ruben Studdard
Jordin Sparks

Question 4:

The song "Wait for You" was a big hit on the charts for this former "American Idol" contestant.
David Archuleta
David Cook
John Stevens
Elliot Yamin

Question 5:

This "American Idol" contestant finished 4th in Season 5 and had his own band take off in a big way in 2006. One of their songs is "It's Not Over".
Taylor Hicks
Bo Bice
Jon Peter Lewis
Chris Daughtry

Question 6:

This winner of the second season of "American Idol" had a hit song called "Sorry 2004".
Clay Aiken
Ruben Studdard
Fantasia Barrino
Kelly Clarkson

Question 7:

This "American Idol" winner had a huge hit song in 2004 called "I Believe".
Carrie Underwood
Kelly Clarkson
Ruben Studdard
Fantasia Barrino

Question 8:

This "American Idol" finalist had a huge hit in 2004 with "Since U Been Gone".
Diana DeGarmo
Kelly Clarkson
Kellie Pickler
Carrie Underwood

Question 9:

This "American Idol" star had a big hit song on the charts called "Inside Your Heaven".
Josh Gracin
Sanjaya Malakar
Bo Bice
William Hung

Question 10:

This "American Idol" contestant has gone on to be a successful country singer in his own right. He had a #1 song on the Country charts with "Nothin' to Lose".
Josh Gracin
Taylor Hicks
John Stevens
Jon Peter Lewis


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