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Guess the Explorer

written by: discoglist
I'll provide a description of a notable explorer and their field of study, and you'll have to pick the correct name from the four provided options. Good luck!

Question 1:

What Genoese explorer sailed off Spain on 3 August 1492 across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the Americas?
Vasco da Gama
Francisco Pizarro
Amerigo Vespucci
Christopher Columbus

Question 2:

This British captain explored the Pacific Ocean and was the first to reach New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.
Mulford B. Foster
Jeremy Curl
James Cook
Henry Hudson

Question 3:

This Venetian explorer, who lived in the 13th-14th century, traveled across Asia and wrote an account of his travels known as 'Il Milione'.
Marco Polo
Bartolomeu Dias
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Juan Ponce de Leon

Question 4:

What is the name of the first astronaut to walk on the surface of the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
Yuri Gagarin
Neil Armstrong
Michael Collins

Question 5:

What Scottish missionary and explorer of central Africa was the first European to see the Victoria Falls and name them in honor of Queen Victoria?
John Rae
Richard Francis Burton
Henry Morton Stanley
David Livingstone

Question 6:

What Portuguese explorer was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope by sailing from Portugal?
Vasco da Gama
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Hernando de Soto
Bartolomeu Dias

Question 7:

Who was the first English explorer to sail around the world and return alive in England in 1580?
Francis Drake
James Cook
Henry Hudson
John Cabot

Question 8:

What is the name of the Spanish explorer who conquered the Inca Empire?
Vasco da Gama
Ferdinand Magellan
Francisco Pizarro
Amerigo Vespucci

Question 9:

Who was the first explorer to reach the South Pole, and also the first person to reach both the North and South Poles?
Ernest Shackleton
Robert Falcon Scott
Douglas Mawson
Roald Amundsen

Question 10:

This Portuguese explorer became the first European to successfully reach India from Europe around the Cape of Good Hope.
Bartolomeu Dias
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Christopher Columbus
Vasco da Gama


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