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Grey's Anatomy Plots

written by: staish2580
I'll give you the plot, you name the episode in which it happened.

Question 1:

In this episode of "Grey's Anatomy", Alex meets Annie, a patient with an extraordinarily large tumor, and they become friendly. Annie trusts only Alex until she overhears him making fun of her. Derek chooses Meredith to help him with a grouchy Parkinson's patient. Bailey finds out about this and tries to make Meredith's life hell.
Who's Zoomin' Who
No Man's Land
If Tomorrow Never Comes
The First Cut Is The Deepest

Question 2:

Tired, Meredith assists Burke with a heart transplant only to find out that her surgical glove ripped and she may have punctured the heart with her fingernail. Izzie throws a party at Meredith's house for her new boyfriend so he can meet all her friends and then winds up missing the party because she gets stuck in surgery. This is the plot of which "Grey's Anatomy" episode.
A Hard Day's Night
Winning a Battle, Losing the War
The Self-Destruct Button
Shake Your Groove Thing

Question 3:

In this "Grey's Anatomy" episode, Chief Webber calls a meeting with his staff about an outbreak of Syphillis at Seattle Grace. Izzie and Cristina wind up doing an unauthorized autopsy on a patient. Meredith and Derek get ready to go out on their first official date but are interrupted by an unexpected visitor: Derek's wife Addison.
Who's Zoomin' Who
The First Cut Is the Deepest
Save Me
The Self-Destruct Button

Question 4:

In this episode of the "Grey's Anatomy" series, Meredith and the other interns report for their first day of work at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith finds out that her new boss, Derek Shepherd, is the man with whom she had a one night stand the previous night. Meredith and her fellow interns find out just how difficult life is for doctors, and what it's like to work 48 hour shifts without any sleep.
Shake Your Groove Thing
Save Me
No Man's Land
A Hard Day's Night

Question 5:

Meredith and Derek are in charge of treating a patient who needs life-saving surgery, only to find out that her father is very religious and very against the surgery without a visit from their "shaman." Meredith finds out about her mother's affair with Chief Webber. George and Alex get stuck in an elevator with a patient who needs immediate surgery, which George performs with directions from Dr. Burke. All this happened in which episode of "Grey's Anatomy".
Enough Is Enough
Bring the Pain
Let It Be
Something to Talk About

Question 6:

Meredith has a one night stand with a guy named Steve, who winds up a patient at Seattle Grace for a very disturbing problem...he has an erection that won't go away. An expectant mother of quintuplets finds out that most of her unborn children have potentially life-threatening problems. This is the plot of which "Grey's Anatomy" episode?
Into You Like A Train
Deny, Deny, Deny
Much Too Much
Thanks For The Memories

Question 7:

In this "Grey's Anatomy" episode, Bonnie and Tom, two complete strangers, wind up as patients at Seattle Grace. They are both impaled to the same pole after an accident. Cristina is given the task of tracking down a patient's missing leg. Alex begins to question his future as a doctor.
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Into You Like a Train
Something to Talk About
Make Me Lose Control

Question 8:

In this episode of the "Grey's Anatomy" series, Izzie meets Denny Duquette, a patient that is awaiting a heart transplant. George treats a teenage hermaphrodite named Bex.
Break on Through
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Begin the Begin

Question 9:

In this "Grey's Anatomy" episode, Meredith wakes up feeling like she is going to have a bad day. She turns out to be right when a patient arrives at the hospital with a bomb in his chest cavity, threatening the lives of the entire staff.
As We Know It
It's the End of the World
Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole

Question 10:

Which "Grey's Anatomy" episode has the following plot?
Meredith and George wind up in the same bed and feel quite awkward around each other all day. Mark's visit has Derek and Addison on edge once again. Denny Duquette arrives at Seattle Grace for a second time since meeting Izzie, complicating her reconciliation with Alex.
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Break on Through
What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Question 11:

In this episode of "Grey's Anatomy", the nurses' union at Seattle Grace goes on strike, as does George, leaving the doctors to fend for themselves. Meredith makes a critical mistake while treating a patient, which is witnessed by the patient's friends. Izzie confides a big secret from her past to a young pregnant woman.
Break on Through
As We Know It
Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Question 12:

Which "Grey's Anatomy" episode has the following plot?
Meredith learns that her father has another family, aside from the one he left years ago. George overstays his welcome at Burke's apartment. Bailey is afraid that now that she is a mother, her staff won't be afraid of her anymore. Alex gets a lesson on respecting the patients from Burke. Izzie is still very worried about Denny.
Damage Case
The Name Of The Game
Blues For Sister Someone
Losing My Religion

Question 13:

Cristina finds herself in charge of the ER. Time is running out for Denny. Derek comes to terms with the fact that a friend's life is in his hands. This is part of the plot of which "Grey's Anatomy" episode?
Damage Case
Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response
17 Seconds

Question 14:

In this episode of "Grey's Anatomy", Izzie interrogates George about his personal life. Addison takes Alex to task about a sensitive case. Burke has to deal with treating his musical hero.
17 Seconds
Losing My Religion
Blues for Sister Someone

Question 15:

Despite the hospital's "code black," and assistance from the bomb squad, the dangerous situation at Seattle Grace escalates. Meredith works with the bomb squad to save the lives of everyone in the hospital. Derek must perform surgery under pressure of learning that Meredith is "the girl with the bomb". This is part of the plot of what episode of the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy"?
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
As We Know It


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