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Gregory Peck Part One - His Life

written by: shimonbentzvi
A very difficult quiz on the life of a great actor and a great person.

Question 1:

Which statement is true about Gregory Peck's birth?
He was born Ronald Richard Gregory on April 5, 1914 in San Francisco, California.
He was born Eldred Gregory Peck on April 5, 1916 in La Jolla, California.
He was born Richard Gregory Peck on April 5, 1917 in Santa Barbara, California.
He was born Gregory Edward Peck on April 5, 1915 in Pasadena, California.

Question 2:

Select the correct statement about Gregory Peck's life.
At about 23 he left California to become an actor in New York City.
He never completed his college degree at U Cal Berkley.
He had a very stable childhood living in the suburbs of Los Angeles.
His father ran a small theater outside of Los Angeles.

Question 3:

Gregory Peck felt that the American Film Institute was just a useless organization.

Question 4:

In 1947 Gregory Peck founded this important theater with the help of Mel Ferrer and Dorothy McGuire.
La Jolla Playhouse
L.A. Theater Works
Second City
The Trio Playhouse

Question 5:

In 1967 Gregory Peck received The Jean Hersholt Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Science. This award is given for which of the following?
Lifetime achievement in motion pictures
Never receiving an Oscar and being in many movies
Humanitarian activities
Being a member of the Academy for at least 40 years

Question 6:

Gregory Peck was well known as an active supporter of the Republican Party.

Question 7:

Gregory Peck was raised to believe that ethnically he was English and Irish. However, in his later years he found out that he also had ancestors from this ethnic group.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 8:

In 1968 Gregory Peck made this important decision.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
He vowed to never portray a villain again.
He sent his oldest son to Canada to avoid service in Vietnam.
He delayed the 40th Annual Academy Awards show.
He threw himself into the election of Richard Nixon.

Question 9:

What do Gene Autry, Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart have in common?
They all served on B-17's during World War II.
Their stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame were stolen.
They were speakers at Governor Schwarzenegger's inauguration.
They all helped Ronald Reagan's campaign for the Presidency.

Question 10:

Gregory Peck had many close friends. Which of the following was not one of them?
Mary Badham
Ronald Reagan
Tony Danza
Michael Jackson

Question 11:

In 1980 Gregory Peck made unpaid ads for the Chrysler Automobile Corporation .

Question 12:

After starring in 1958's "The Bravados," Gregory Peck made this decision.
To buy a real working ranch and raise horses
To never make another western
To move to Texas
To help form section of the Motion Picture Academy for cowboy actors.

Question 13:

Gregory Peck won one Oscar. For which movie did he get the Oscar for The Best Actor?
Gentleman's Agreement
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Twelve O'Clock High
The Yearling

Question 14:

In the late 1960's Gregory Peck fought very hard but unsuccessfully for this cause.
To make full-length animated films eligible for the Best Picture Oscar
To get statehood for Washington, D.C.
To get the US out of the UN
To pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Question 15:

Which statement is untrue about Gregory Peck?
Like today's stars, he owned his own production company.
He was an opponent of nuclear weapons.
He never appeared in an anti-war movie.
He was an opponent of gun control.

Question 16:

Gregory Peck appeared as a hero in a Marvel comic book.

Question 17:

Find the untrue statement about Gregory Peck.
He did most of his own fight scenes.
He had two adopted children.
He considered running for president against Ronald Reagan.
He met his second wife when she was sent to interview him.

Question 18:

Over 3,000 people tried to attend Gregory Peck's funeral. To insure that Peck's friends and relatives would have seats they were told to give this "password" to the ushers.


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