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Great Jazz Trumpeters

written by: shimonbentzvi
A quiz on some of the greatest horn players in history. Only for jazz enthusiasts!

Question 1:

This trumpeter was the first bandleader that we know of that played improvised music. He was the top trumpeter of New Orleans of his time. He lived 1877-1931. His loud , clean tone was prominent in jazz until his health failed and he was committed to a mental institution in 1907. Who was he?
King Ory
Buddy Bolden
Bunny berrigan
Louis Armstrong

Question 2:

This great musician lived from 1911-1955. His great range and excellent tone were his trademarks as was his strange nickname. Who was this mainstay of the Duke Ellington Orchestra?
Sweets Edison
Cootie Williams
Ziggy Elman
Hot Lips Page

Question 3:

A Florida-born trumpeter, this musician started playing with travelling dance bands right after high school graduation. From there went to play in several big bands in the 1940's. He took over for Dizzy Gillespie in Billy Eckstine's band. Who was this jazz great who died in 1950 even before he was 28?
Art Farmer
Roy Eldridge
Fats Navarro
Woody Shaw

Question 4:

Louis Armstrong is regarded by many to be the greatest jazz trumpeter. His life is a history of jazz music. Although he played many types of jazz, Louis Armstrong was known to disapprove of which form of jazz?
Big Band
Dixie Land
Third Stream

Question 5:

This musician has won a Grammy for a jazz album and for a classical album. He is the jazz director for Lincoln Center in New York City. He was very influential in the making of Ken Burns' TV series on the history of jazz. What is the first name of this great trumpet player?

Question 6:

Sometimes called "Little Jazz,” this great trumpet player developed a jazz style that was similar to the sax styles of Bud Carter and Coleman Hawkins. Who was this jazz great who died in 1989 at age 88?
Woody Shaw
Roy Eldridge
Clark Terry
Harry james

Question 7:

This great trumpeter played professionally since age 12.He played with Benny Goodman for several years before forming his own group. Although he was a great musician he is perhaps best known for marrying Betty Grable.
Clark Terry
Harry James
Roy Eldridge
Woody Shaw

Question 8:

In 1978 this New Jersey-born trumpeter was voted Downbeat's top trumpeter. His top albums are "Rosewood," "United" and "For Sure." Though he was a great musician he is better known by his peers than by the public at large. Who was he?
Clark Terry
Harry James
Roy Eldridge
Woody Shaw

Question 9:

This musician played with all the greats and was considered one of the top technicians. However, most people know him as the trumpet player who integrated the Tonight Show band when Johnny Carson was the emcee.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Harry James
Roy Eldridge
Woody Shaw
Clark Terry

Question 10:

Which of these last names of popular musician belongs to a jazz great known as "Hot Lips?”

Question 11:

Which trumpet player famous for his high register playing was featured in the Ellington Orchestra?
William Anderson
Woody Shaw
Clark Terry
Harry James


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