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Great Jazz Saxophonists, Part One

written by: shimonbentzvi
This is a terribly difficult quiz on the greatest saxophonists.

Question 1:

This great tenor player, born in 1904, was famous for his sweet yet soulful sound, most notably on his rendition of "Body and Soul."
Sideney Bechet
Coleman Hawkins
Sonny Rollins
Eric Dolphy

Question 2:

This tenor player called "Prez" was considered the best tenor player in the world. Because of racial discrimination he refused to play in the southern USA.
Eric Dolphy
Lester Young
Coleman Hawkins
Stan Getz

Question 3:

Besides being a great alto player, he also played flute and bass clarinet. His best album was "Out to Lunch." He died in Berlin because of a wrong diagnosis.
Coleman Hawkins
Sidney bechet
Lester Young
Eric Dolphy

Question 4:

This tenor player hit a rough spot in his career in the 1950’s. He went out onto the Brooklyn Bridge every night for a year playing his sax. Somehow he got out of his funk and revived his career. He was famous for wearing a Mohawk hairdo for several years.
Sonny Rollins
Lester Young
Paul Desmond
Sideny Bechet

Question 5:

Born in Philadelphia and raised in The Bronx, New York, this tenor had a great career with Woody Hermann’s band and later helped bring in the bossa nova sound to the USA.
Eric Dolphy
Sonny Rollins
Carlos Jobim
Stan Getz

Question 6:

This great alto player was an important part of The Dave Brubeck Quartet.
Paul Desmond
Al Cohn
Darius Brubeck
Eric Dolphy

Question 7:

A Muppet character was based on this great saxophonist who played for many years with Woody Hermann.
Sonny Rollins
Al Cohn
Paul Desmond
Zoot Sims

Question 8:

This great saxophonist played on the hit song by Bill Withers "Just the Two of Us."
Grover Washington, Jr.
Stan Getz
Bill Withers
Zoot Sims

Question 9:

Considered the greatest baritone saxophonist of all times, he played for many years with Duke Ellington. His signature piece was "Sophisticated Lady." Who was he?
Coleman Hawkins
Pee Wee Russell
Harry Carney
Johnny Hodges

Question 10:

Nicknamed "Jeru," this great baritone sax player was raised in New England. His duets with Chet Baker have become classics. One of the most interesting part of his quartets was the non-use of pianos. What was this musicians last name?

Question 11:

This great alto player is most famous for playing on Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are” and on Steely Dan's "Dr. Wu".
Phil Woods
Dave Koz
John Dankworth
Dave Sanborn

Question 12:

What was the nickname of Charlie Parker, one of the top bebop musicians?
The Vice Prez
The King
Mr. Bebop


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