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Great Jazz Keyboardists

written by: shimonbentzvi
An extremely difficult quiz on the greatest piano, organ, and synthesizer jazz musicians.

Question 1:

When Bennie Goodman integrated jazz performances via his famous Carneigie Hall concert, this person was the pianist.
Teddy Wilson
Art Tatum
Earl Hines
Zutty Singleton

Question 2:

Which great pianist was often called "Fatha?"
Earl Hines
Art Tatum
Teddy Wilson
Cedar Walton

Question 3:

This jazz great lived 1919-1956. He is remembered for his virtuosity and creativity yet many called his style "unjazzlike." He was legally blind in both eyes.
Art Tatum
Cedar Walton
Earl Hines
Teddy Wilson

Question 4:

This Texas-born pianist was born in 1934. His career took off after moving to New York around 1956. He played with Coltrane, The Jazz Messengers, Benny Golson, etc. His most famous composition is "Bolivia."
Art Tatum
Earl Hines
James Johnson
Cedar Walton

Question 5:

Which pianist’s music does the musical "Ain't Misbehaving" feature?
Earl Hines
Jelly Roll Morton
Thomas Waller
Cedar Walton

Question 6:

Born in Montreal in 1925, this musician was introduced to music as a very young child by his father. In high school he played in bands with trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. At 14 he won a talent contest and that led to a job on a CBC program. From 1950-1955 he was voted the top pianist by Downbeat Magazine. Who is this great pianist?
James P. Johnson
Cedar Walton
Oscar Peterson
Barnard Francis

Question 7:

This New Jersey-born pianist was one of the "inventors" of the stride piano style. He wrote the song "Charleston" which began the great dance craze of the 1920's. Who was this great musician?
Art Tatum
James Price Johnson
Lucky Roberts
Thomas Waller

Question 8:

He was born in North Carolina but was raised and gained fame in New York City. Who was this very influential pianist, the composer of the great tune "Round Midnight?"
Oscar Peterson
Cedar Walton
Chick Correa
Thelonious Monk

Question 9:

This keyboardist was raised in Philadelphia and was a neighbor of pianist Bud Powell. At 17 he played with John Coltrane. Eventually he was the pianist in the great jazz group The John Coltrane Quartet. Who is he?
McCoy Tyner
Chick Corea
Bill Evans
Thelonious Monk

Question 10:

She is one of the few women who have achieved great fame in jazz. This Atlanta-born pianist was already playing professionally by her teenage years. By 1941 she was staff arranger for the Ellington Orchestra. She was born Mary Elfrieda Winn Scruggs but was known as "Mary Lou." By what last name did she play professionally?

Question 11:

This New Jersey-born pianist began playing professionally at age 12.In the 1940's he played "boogie-woogie" style piano in New York City. He was the pianist in "The Miles Davis Sextet.” Who is this composer of the hit "All About Rosie?"
Bill Evans
Jelly Roll Morton
Erroll Garner
Chick Corea

Question 12:

Born in New Orleans around 1885, this pianist spent much of his younger years as a pimp, gambler, comedian, etc. In the late 1920's he became serious about music. He wrote many songs like "London Blues" and "Black Bottom Stomp." He claimed to be the "Originator of Jazz." Who was he?
Pops Foster
Ferdinand Williams
Zutty Singleton
Jelly Roll Morton

Question 13:

This Pittsburgh-born pianist was self-taught and could not really read music very well. His swinging style usually included long, beautiful runs. Despite his brilliance, most people only know him for his composition "Misty."
Erroll Garner
Bill Evans
Jelly Roll Morton
McCoy Tyner


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