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Great Explorers

written by: Aeria
Those guys boldly went where noone had ever gone before and they are worth our attention. Take this trivia quiz and get familiar with some of the most prominent explorers in the world.

Question 1:

This great Spanish explorer conquered what is now central and southern Mexico.
Hernando Cortes
Ferdinand Magellan
Vasco Da Gama
Christopher Columbus

Question 2:

This man's voyages were the base for France's claim to Canada. His initial intention was to search for the Northwest Passage to the Orient.
Jacques Cartier
Samuel de Champlain
Francis Drake
Marco Polo

Question 3:

He is famous for sailing around the world twice. He became the first European to visit the coasts of Hawaii and Australia. Due to his voyages some colonies were established throughout the Pacific region by several European nations.
Martin Frobisher
James Cook
John Franklin
Henry Hudson

Question 4:

This great explorer is famous for his fulfilment of the first all water trade route between India and Europe .
Vasco da Gama
Henry the Navigator
Marco Polo
Gaspar Corte Real

Question 5:

Along with his brother, this famous explorer reached Kaifeng, the capital of Kublai Khan's Mongol Empire in 1265.
Gaspar Corte Real
Marco Polo
Hernando Cortes
Ferdinand Magellan

Question 6:

This great explorer found a new continent thinking he had found a new way to India.
Christopher Columbus
Hernando Cortes
Henry the Navigator
Gaspar Corte Real

Question 7:

This great explorer spent years searching for a seaway to China in order to trade Spain's New World gold, thus contributing with information about America before its Indian cities were destroyed by foreign diseases.
Hernando de Soto
John Franklin
John Nicolas
Samuel de Champlain

Question 8:

By his circumnavigation around the world, which took three years, from 1577 to 1580, this explorer gave a more accurate picture of the true geography of the world.
Christopher Columbus
Ferdinand Magellan
Horatio Nelson
Sir Francis Drake

Question 9:

He was the first man to explore Antarctica by land. He led two expeditions with the intention to find out more about the animals, weather and geology of the Antarctic.
Ferdinand Magellan
Sebastian Cabot
Captain Scott
Captain James Cook

Question 10:

Famous for his sea explorations, this man helped develop the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA).
David Livingstone
Ernest Shackleton
Neil Armstrong
Jacques Cousteau


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