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Great Actors: Northwestern University

written by: shimonbentzvi
There are many fine actors who learned their craft at NWU.

Question 1:

Where is the Northwestern University situated?
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Evanston, Illinois, USA
Lafayette, Indiana, USA
South Bend, indiana, USA

Question 2:

Richard Benjamin, an alumnae of Northwestern University, began as a fine actor and then did fine work behind the camera. His wife also attended NWU's Theatre Program. What is her name?
Sally Kellerman
Paula Prentiss
Ann Kellerman
Ann Prentiss

Question 3:

This very popular actor was a graduate of U.S. Northwestern University’s Theatre Program. He was one the stars of a very popular TV show. Just as his career was rising sharply, he quit the show for his own sitcom, a show that was a total flop. His first name has become a verb meaning: "to quit a successful show to be in a total failure." Who is this Illinois actor whose paternal grandfather lost the US Presidency twice to Eisenhower?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 4:

This alumnae of the U.S. Northwestern University was "El Gallo” in "The Fantasticks." He was "Baby's" father in "Dirty Dancing." He sang in "Beauty and the Beast." But he is perhaps best known as a NYC police detective who never fired his gun in over 30 years on the job. Who is this actor?
Jerry Orbach
Dennis Franz
Jesse L. Martin
Dennis Farina

Question 5:

This Washington, D.C. born comedian was part of the Second City theatre. He is deaf in his right ear and had a very injured wrist for several months. He is the host of a comedy "News" show. He often invents new words such as "truthiness." Who is this Northwestern University graduate?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 6:

Which fine actress that attended the U.S. Northwestern University is most famous as Joanna Loudon in "Newhart?"
Jennifer Holmes
Mary Frann
Mary Wilson
Julia Duffy

Question 7:

This excellent actress was the first to win Emmys in five different categories. She may be best remembered for her role as Phyllis Lindstrom, the wife of a dermatologist. What is the name of this Northwestern University alumnae?
Sally Kellerman
Patricia O'Neal
Cloris Leachman
Kim Hunter

Question 8:

This actress who attended Northwestern University co-starred in 2000's "Almost Famous." She also appeared in "Bridge to Terabithia." She was named after a title character of a J. D. Salinger story. Who is she?
Francie James
Zooey Deschanel
Francis Farmer
Kate Hudson

Question 9:

A Northwestern University graduate, this excellent character actor co-starred in TV's "Spin City" and "Mad About You." He is a cousin of Barbara Streisand. Who is this actor?
Barry Bostwick
Alan Ruck
Michael J. Fox
Richard Kind

Question 10:

Which excellent comic who graduated Northwestern University is best known as the centre square on TV's "Hollywood Squares?"  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Wally Cox
Paul Lynde
Peter Marshall
Pat Weaver

Question 11:

This Virginia-born American actor has appeared in such movies as "About Schmidt," "Where the Day Takes You," "Copycat" and "My Best Friend's Wedding." Who is this Northwestern University graduate, married to Catherine Keener?
Dermot Mulroney
Dylan McDermott
Cary Elwes
Gary Elwes


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