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Franklin Roosevelt

written by: danmontg
This quiz is about the life and presidency of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

Question 1:

In what state was Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) born and from what college did he get his undergraduate degree?
New York; Harvard
Massachusetts; Harvard
New York; Princeton
New Jersey; Columbia

Question 2:

What was the last public office that FDR held before being elected president?
governor of Massachusetts
vice-president of the United States
governor of New York
senator from Massachusetts

Question 3:

Who did FDR defeat to win the presidential election in 1932?
None of these
Herbert Hoover
Calvin Cooledge
Woodrow Wilson

Question 4:

FDR was confined to a wheelchair throughout his presidency due to which of the following?
an automobile accident
a failed assassination attempt while he was a candidate for the presidency
muscular dystrophy

Question 5:

The New Deal was a series of economic programs passed during the first term of FDR. Part of the New Deal were the PWA (Public Works Administration) and the WPA (Works Progress Administration) which were intended to do which of the following?
inject money into the economy
build useful public projects such as roads, schools, etc.
provide jobs for the unemployed
all of these

Question 6:

Which of the following programs, started as part of the New Deal, did NOT last into the 21st century?
Tennessee Valley Authority
Social Security
Securities and Exchange Commission
National Recovery Board

Question 7:

Roosevelt was very effective in communicating with the American people by radio. What did he call his best known radio broadcasts to the American people?
"Fireside Chats"
"The President's Report"
"The US Today"
"The FDR Hour"

Question 8:

Which of the following were most likely to dislike and oppose Franklin D. Roosevelt?
people living in large cities
working class people
wealthy people

Question 9:

FDR favored helping Britain in its fight with Germany after 1939. However, he was limited in ability to send military equipment to Britain because of strong opposition. Which of the following most strongly influenced FDR to go slow on aid to Britain?
anti-war groups
the German-American Bund

Question 10:

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt went before Congress to call for a declaration of war on Japan. What was his memorable phrase for the day of the attack?
"date that will live in infamy"
"day of the Jap sneak attack"
"a turning point of history"
None of these

Question 11:

This person helped Franklin D. Roosevelt by mixing with the US people and relaying their ideas and feelings to the president.
his secretary of state Cordell Hull
his son Elliot Roosevelt
his wife Eleanor Roosevelt
his vice president John Garner

Question 12:

Which statement is true about FDR?
all of these
He was the first US President to die of natural causes while in office.
He was the first US President to act as commander-in-chief of the armed forces during wartime.
He was the first US President to be elected for four presidential terms.


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