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Famous Jews

written by: shimonbentzvi
This quiz will introduce you to some of the Jews who played a significant role in the history of politics, sports and art.

Question 1:

Son of a Jewish immigrant from Breslau, Prussia, Lucius Nathan Littauer was born in Gloversville, Upstate New York, in 1859. Being a politician wasn't his only occupation; what is Lucius Littauer's other achievement with which he remained in history?
The first Jewish basketball coach in Oxford
The first Jewish professional football coach
The first professional Jewish baseball player
The first Jewish football coach at Harvard

Question 2:

Julius Vogel, a London born Jew, who first became involved in politics in 1862, was the first Jew to be on this political post.
Prime Minister of Canada
Prime Minister of New Zealand
Prime Minister of Australia
Governor General of Canada

Question 3:

During the 1968 presidential campaign, Rabbi Baruch Korff developed a personal relationship with this American president, who even referred to Korff as "My Rabbi."
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Lyndon Johnson
Jimmy Carter

Question 4:

In 1927 Charles A. Levine was the first Jew to do what?
Fly the Atlantic
Build a monoplane
Get a degree in aerospace engineering
Fly a USAF fighter

Question 5:

In what business did John M. Brunswick and his two half brothers, David and Emmanuel, make their fortune?
Cell phone business
Billiard table business
Aircraft industry
Entertaining industry

Question 6:

The music for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", one of the most famous and beloved songs of the late 1930s, was based on a Jewish Cantorial theme.

Question 7:

Isachar Zacharie, an English born Jew, who was related to important American politicians, worked as what?
Washington's lawyer in Virginia
The first Jewish Prime Minister
Al Gore's press secretary
Lincoln's podiatrist

Question 8:

Why was Rabbi David Einhorn, a German rabbi and later leader of the Jewish reform movement in the United States, forced to leave Baltimore in 1861, during the Civil War?
He expressed too radical views
He insulted the Governor of Maryland,Thomas Hicks
He insulted the Mayor of Baltimore, George Williams
He preached against slavery

Question 9:

A famous and talented composer was almost bankrupt when he wrote one of his best-known works, "Judas Maccabaeus" - an oratorio based on a Jewish theme. Who was this classical composer?

Question 10:

Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller were great 100-yard runners in the 1930's. They were to be on the 4x100 meter relay race team for the USA in the 1936 Olympics, but eventually did not take part in the race. What was the reason?
They refused to run on Saturday (Shabbos)
They were caught using steroids
Hitler demanded their exclusion
They were late to the field


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