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Famous Eds

written by: mcridgef
Here are a few questions about famous Eds, Eddies and Edwards. Enjoy!

Question 1:

This Eddie married "One Day at a Time" star Valerie Bertinelli.
Eddie Foy
Eddie Albert
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Van Halen

Question 2:

Which Edward portrayed Lou Grant on the "Mary Tyler Moore" show?
Edward Asner
Edward Bradley
Edward Hooper
Edward Murrow

Question 3:

This American journalist's catch line was "Hello America. This is London calling."
Ed McMahon
Ed Sullivan
Eddie Foy
Edward R Murrow

Question 4:

On "The Honeymooners", which was on the air from 1955 - 1956, Ed Norton was portrayed by which actor?
Art Carney
Eddie Foy
Ed Cole
Jackie Gleason

Question 5:

In 1920, this Eddie founded a company for outdoor clothing in Seattle.
Eddie Foy
Eddie Albert
Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Bauer

Question 6:

When Elvis Presley appeared on this Ed's TV show, the camera was only allowed to show him from the waist up.
Ed McMahon
Ed Asner
Ed Robinson
Ed Sullivan

Question 7:

Who portrays Edward in the 1990 movie "Edward Scissorhands", which tells the story of an artificial man who had scissors instead of hands?
Johnny Depp
Oscar Wide
Eddie Albert
Kurt Russell

Question 8:

For more than 30 years this Ed used to say "Here's Johnny".
Ed Bradley
Ed McMahon
Ed Sullivan
Ed Bauer

Question 9:

This "talking" horse, voiced by Allan Lane, had his own TV show.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 10:

This actor, whose first name is Eddie, plays Oliver Wendell Douglas in "Green Acres".
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Munster
Eddie Albert
Eddie Foy

Question 11:

This Eddie is famous for performing songs such as "Drinkin' My Baby Off My Mind" (1976), "You Don't Love Me Anymore" (1978), "I Love a Rainy Night" (1980), "Drivin' My Life Away" (1980), "Step by Step" (1981).
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Money
Eddie Rabbit

Question 12:

Which actor portrayed Edward Wolfgang Munster, who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane with his family?

Question 13:

"Two Tickets to Paradise", released in 1977 was this Eddie's first hit.
Eddie Munster
Eddie Money
Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Rabbit

Question 14:

Some of the characters, played by this Eddie are Axel Foley, Quick, and Professor Sherman Klump.
Eddie Foy
Eddie Rabbit
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Albert

Question 15:

In "Pretty Woman" Edward Lewis picks up Vivian Ward, a beautiful prostitute, played by Julia Roberts. Who portrayed Edward?
Kevin Costner
Bob Hope
Eddie Murphy
Richard Gere

Question 16:

In 1981,this Ed joined the staff of 60 Minutes, an investigative television newsmagazine on CBS News.
Ed Norton
Edward G Robinson
Ed Bradley
Ed Asner


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