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Fabulous Firsts - Sports

written by: shimonbentzvi
This is a very difficult quiz on some interesting first in the sports world.

Question 1:

Who was the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes?
Bill Hayes
Roger Bannister
Marcel Coe
Jim Thorpe

Question 2:

When was the first intercollegiate basketball game played?
January 18, 1904
January 18, 1885
January 18, 1907
January 18, 1896

Question 3:

When was the first intercollegiate women's basketball game played?
April 4, 1926
April 4, 1916
April 4, 1906
April 4, 1896

Question 4:

These two colleges played in the first intercollegiate nine-person baseball game.
Fordham University and St. Francis Xavier University.
University of Pittsburgh and Youngstown State University
Rutgers University and Princeton University
Cincinnati University and The University of Akron

Question 5:

Who scored the first three-point shot in the NBA?
Chris Ford
Reggie Miller
Larry Bird
JoJo White

Question 6:

When was the first goal in a NHL game scored?
December 19,1917
December 19 , 1942
December 19 , 1936
December 19,1924

Question 7:

Who was the first NHL goalie to get a shutout?
Charlie Broadieaux
Georges Vezina
Roger Stanley
Gump Worsley

Question 8:

When did the first game played under NFL rules take place?
February 24 , 1939
February 25, 1946
February 25, 1933
February 25, 1943

Question 9:

Which two teams played in the first NFL championship?
Chicago Bears and the New York Giants
Canton Bulldogs and the Chicago Cardinals
Canton Bulldogs and the Providence Steamrolles
Chicago Bears and the Boston Tigers

Question 10:

Who was the first player ever selected in the NFL draft?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 11:

Who was the first African American NFL quarterback?
Doug Williams
Marlin Briscoe
Jack Tosser
Willie Thrower

Question 12:

On September 17, 1948 Greenbay played Boston in an NFL game. What was the significance of the game?
It was the first time a NFL game that went into overtime.
It was the first time a penalty flag was thrown.
It was the first time an interception was returned for a touchdown.
It was the first NFL game to be on radio.

Question 13:

Which statement is true about major league baseball pitcher Danny Graves?
He was the first major leaguer from New Zealand.
He was the first major league pitcher to hit a grandslam home run in his first MLB game.
He was the first major leaguer from Vietnam.
He was the first MLB player to toss a shutout in his first three games.

Question 14:

Many major league baseball players are from the Dominican Republic. Who was the first major leaguer from the Dominican Republic?
Ozzie Virgil
Rodrico Humberro
Umberto Pena
Chico Fernandez

Question 15:

Who was the first major league baseball player from Japan?
Masanori Murakami
Hideki Nomo
Hideki Irabu
Yashigawa Tabata


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