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Expensive Paintings

written by: eyez2k1ss
What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "expensive"? Take this quiz to find out interesting facts about some of the most expensive works of art in the world.

Question 1:

View the provided image.
The painting "Les Noces de Pierrette" was sold to an Asian Businessman at Binoche et Godeau in Paris, France for $51.65 million on November 30, 1989. Who is the author of the painting?
Pablo Picasso
Paul Cézanne
Pedro Sanchez
Vincent van Gogh

View Image

Question 2:

View the provided image.
In 2006, this painting by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt was sold to art collector Ronald Lauder for a record $135 million.
Dora Maar au Chat
The Kiss
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
Judith I

View Image

Question 3:

View the provided image.
On May 15, 1990, Japanese businessman Ryoei Saito paid $82.5 million for this painting by Vincent van Gogh at an auction in Christie's New York.
Portrait de l'artiste sans barbe
The Starry Night
Portrait of Dr. Gachet
The Night Cafe

View Image

Question 4:

View the provided image.
Who is the author of this famous oil painting purchased by Kenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet for $76.7 million at a 2002 Sotheby's auction?
Peter Paul Rubens
Vincent van Gogh
Piet Mondriaan
Frans Koppelaar

View Image

Question 5:

View the provided image.
"Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier" is a seemingly simple work of art but in 1999 it was sold for the record price of $60,502,500 at Sotheby's, New York. Which of these prominent painters is the author of the painting"?
Peter Paul Rubens
Vincent van Gogh
Paul Cézanne
Salvador Dalí

View Image

Question 6:

View the provided image.
Name the author of "Bal au moulin de la Galette, Montmartre ", a famous 1876 painting sold in 1990 for $78 million at Sotheby's in New York City to Ryoei Saito, a Japanese businessman.
Vincent van Gogh
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Paul Cézanne
Peter Paul Rubens

View Image

Question 7:

View the provided image.
Sold for $95.2 million on May 3, 2006 at Sotheby's, New York, this famous painting by Pablo Picasso depicts Dora Maar, the painter's mistress. The painting also features what animal?

View Image

Question 8:

View the provided image.
In 2000, this painting from Picasso's Blue Period was sold at auction for more than $50 million.
The Dance
Femme aux Bras Croisés
Musiciens aux masques
Marie-Thérèse Walter

View Image

Question 9:

View the provided image.
In 1987, the painting "Irises" by Vincent van Gogh was sold for the record sum of $49 million. Which of these statements about the painting is true?
It remained unfinished because of van Gogh's death.
It was created in the last month of van Gogh's life.
It was van Gogh's last work.
It was drawn at an asylum.

View Image

Question 10:

View the provided image.
The painting "Garçon à la pipe," which was sold for $104.1 million on May 4, 2004 at Sotheby's, New York, was created by Pablo Picasso during which of period of his work?
Blue Period
Rose Period
Synthetic Cubism
Analytic Cubism

View Image


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