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Discontinued Summer Games Sports - Gymnastics and Weightlifting

written by: thaibob
All of these gymnastic and weightlifting events came and went in the modern summer games BUT some didn't take the hint and came back one or more times but for now they are 'kaput'. Other quizzes on discontinued summer games are available by clicking on 'thaibob' or searching for 'discontinued'.

Question 1:

Which of the following is an actual team gymnastic event that was held at the 1912 and 1920 Olympic Games?
Team (Norwegian System)
Team (Belgian System)
Team (Swedish System)
Team (Danish System)

Question 2:

Only at the 1932 Olympics there was an event called "Indian Club Mixed Event". Who won the medals in this event?
USA, USA, France
USA, Mexico, Italy
USA, Mexico, USA

Question 3:

Who won the medals in the "Side/Sidehorse Vault Mixed Event", which was only held at the 1924 Olympics?
France, Yugoslavia, France
France, France, France
France, France, no bronze
France, France, Yugoslavia

Question 4:

The 1932 Olympics saw the introduction and departure of tumbling. Who won the medals in this event?
USA, USA, Hungary
USA, Hungary, USA
USA, USA, no bronze awarded

Question 5:

The "Combined 4 events" were only held at the 1904 Olympic Games. These consisted of parallel bars, horizontal bar, vault and pommel horse with the scores on each combined. Who won the medals here?
USA, USA, Sweden
Norway, USA, USA
USA, France, Belgium

Question 6:

Which of these statements is FALSE regarding the discontinued gymnastic event 'rope climbing'?
Other than 1896, the rope was only 25 feet or 8 meters.
In 1896 the rope was 14 or 15 meters long and style was incorporated into the scoring.
Use of the feet was allowed in 1896 but only the hands were allowed in subsequent games.
The event was held in 1896, 1904, 1906, 1924, 1932.

Question 7:

The triathlon was listed at the 1904 Olympic Games, held in St. Louis, Missouri, as part of athletics. The results from this event were added to the results of the gymnastics triathlon event to determine the winner of the gymnastics all-around event. What events were included in the triathlon?
long jump, the shot put, and the 100 yard dash
high jump, discus throw, and the 100 meter dash
long jump, discus throw and the 100 meter dash
triple jump, hammer throw, and the 100 yard dash

Question 8:

In 1896 the 'one hand' and 'two hand' weightlifting events were introduced to the Olympic Games. The two hand event was known as the 'clean and jerk'. Both contestants tied. The next event was the 'one hand' lift which produced a clear winner. Which country was the winner of the two hand event and which won the one hand event?
Denmark (2 hand) Greece (1)
Scotland (2 hand) Denmark (1)
Denmark (2 hand) Scotland (1)
Greece (2 hand) Scotland (1)

Question 9:

There was no weightlifting event at the 1900 Olympic Games but it resumed in 1904. For some reason the one hand event was dropped in favor of the "men's all-around dumbbell" lifting event. The "two hand" event was the other one. The USA took 5 of the six medals. Greece claimed the other medal, but which one?
bronze - All-around dumbbell
gold - All-around dumbbell
gold - Two hand lift
silver - Two hand lift

Question 10:

At the 1906 Olympic Games there were 2 weightlifting events (one hand and two hand lift), both of which were cancelled after these games. Who were the gold medal winners of these events?
One hand lift - Josef Steinbach (AUT) & Two hand lift - Dimitrios Tofalos (GRE)
One hand lift - Tullio Camillotti (ITA) & Two hand lift - Josef Steinbach (AUT)
One hand lift - Heinrich Schneidereit (GER) & Two hand lift - Alexandre Maspol (FRA)
One hand lift - Heinrich Rondl (GER) & Two hand lift - Tullio Camillotti (ITA)


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