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Diner-speak to Go

written by: skyblu1
The classic diner will always hold a special place in everyones' psyche! The sights, the smells, and oh, the sound of those waitresses rattling off orders to the 'short order' cooks! 'Rat on a Raft?' What were they thinking? Step on up to the counter, and see how many of these mostly American and British orders you can decipher! 'Bon Appetit!'

Question 1:

If you've ordered a "burn one, take it through the garden, pin a rose on it," what can you expect to be placed in front of you?
Lamb Shish - Kabob
Hot Dog with Chili and Coleslaw
Tuna Melt on Rye with Lettuce and Dill Chips
Hamburger with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion

Question 2:

If the girl next to you orders "baled hay, life preserver and java" for breakfast, what has she ordered?
Shredded wheat, donut and coffee
Hash browns, omelet, and coffee
Buckwheat pancakes, danish, and coffee
Cream of wheat , donut and coffee

Question 3:

Who are "Mike n' Ike, the twins?"  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 4:

"Noah's Boy" refers to a fish sandwich.

Question 5:

It's your first day on the job at your favorite diner! The waitress next to you yells out to the short order cook that she needs "two cows, make them cry, and paint 'em red." What has she requested the short order cook to prepare?
Two hamburgers with onions, cover in ketchup
Double cheeseburger, no onions, special sauce
Two orders of beef liver and onions with ketchup
Salisbury steak with 'American sauce.'

Question 6:

Your friend's favorite breakfast is a "shingle with shimmy and shake, squeeze one." What does he like to eat for breakfast?
French toast and apple juice
Short stack of pancakes and instant coffee
Buttered toast with jam and orange juice
Link sausage, toast and juice

Question 7:

A guy orders a "drag it through Georgia" for his son. What has he ordered?
Fried chicken basket
A slice of key lime pie
Cola with chocolate syrup
Chili dog, 'all the way'

Question 8:

What is "diner-speak" for an order of "hash?"
"Gravel train"
"Burn the British"
"Customer will take a chance"

Question 9:

Mom always told you to get plenty of iron in your diet, so you order a "put out the lights and cry." What item have you ordered?
Patty melt, no onions
Ham on rye with soup
T - Bone steak with onions
Liver and onions

Question 10:

"Keep off the grass" in diner-speak means this.
No parsley
Tomato only
Hold the lettuce
"Like the sign says..."

Question 11:

The final order of the night is for a "Bow - wow, Pittsburgh on the bun, frog sticks, and a 55 with Hail." What has been ordered?
Bratwurst, no bun, mashed potatoes, cherry coke with Ice.
Bacon wrapped steak with fries and black coffee.
Kielbasa, extra mustard, frog legs and a chocolate shake.
Hot dog, burn or toast the bun, side of french fries and a root beer with ice.

Question 12:

A fellow comes in on the night shift and orders a "Hockey puck with wax, wreck 'em, frog sticks in the alley, and draw one in the dark." What on Earth does he want to eat?
Well done burger with American cheese, fries on the side, scrambled eggs, and black coffee.
Tuna salad with cheese, fries on the side and black forest cake.
Liver, no onions, frog legs, fried eggs, and black coffee.
Medium-rare burger, onion rings, fries, and a strawberry shake.

Question 13:

"Go for a walk" or "on wheels" refers to what type of order?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 14:

"Chicks on a raft with blowout patches" refers to what?
Western omelet with french toast
Fried chicken and mashed potatoes
Eggs on toast with pancakes
Scrambled eggs and sausage

Question 15:

Finally, a customer orders "Bossy in a bowl, bullets or whistleberries, a blonde with sand, a bucket of cold mud, and belchwater. What have they ordered?
Chili con carne with Lima beans, ice tea, a vanilla sundae and a Perrier water.
Tomato soup, fried okra, root beer, chocolate ice cream, and Perrier water.
Beef stew, baked beans, coffee with cream and sugar, chocolate ice cream, and seltzer water.
Chicken noodle soup, blackberries, vanilla coke, German chocolate cake and seltzer water.


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