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Dictators of 2007 - A Very Dirty Dozen

written by: shimonbentzvi
A quiz on twelve of the most contradictory world dictators.

Question 1:

2007 mark this dictator’s 38th year of rule. The people in his North African land seem to "disappear" whenever they speak out against him. His nation is loaded with oil. He has threatened to invade his neighbor, Chad. Always anti-American, it was reported that he once dressed as a woman when he feared American invasion. Who is this dictator?
Robert Mugabe
Paul Biya
Hugo Chavez
Muammar al-Qadaffi

Question 2:

Which two men were in control of Iran in 2007?
King Abdullah and Mohammed al-Khomenei
Omar al-Bashir and Islam Karimov
Paul Biya and Mahmoud al-Khomenei
Sayid Ali Khomenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Question 3:

Which ruler of North Korea took over the rule from his father in 1994?
Isayas Jin Mswati
Hu Jin Tao
Than Shwe
Kim Jong-IL

Question 4:

Which leader's rule of Pakistan began in 1999?
Pervez Musharraf
Paul Biya
Hugo Chavez
Tedoro Obiang Nguema

Question 5:

He took over leadership from his late father in 2000. This former opthamologist runs an oil-rich nation that funds terror all over the world. His nation has been instrumental in getting insurgents into the Western part of Iraq.
Omar al-Bashir
Sayid Ali Khomenei
Bashar al-Asad
Muamar al-Qadaffi

Question 6:

This leader's country has some oil resources but is very poor. Under his rule, we have the terrible genocide going on in Darfur. Who was dictator of the Sudan in 2007?
Sayid Ali Khomenei
Islam Karimov
Bashar al-Asad
Omar al-Bashir

Question 7:

Although he was once considered to be the man who would lead Africa into a new age of freedom and prosperity, in 2007 he was the dictator of the nation with the shortest life expectancy. One-fourth of his nation’s children are orphans. Who is this dictator of Zimbabwe?
Pervez Musharraf
Paul Biya
Robert Mugabe
Meles Zenawi

Question 8:

Which leader's rule of the People's Republic of China began in 2002?
Cho En Lai
Than Shwe
Mao Tze T'ung
Hu JIn Tao

Question 9:

In 2007 this person was the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia since 1995, king since 2005 and the ruler of the world’s largest oil reserves.
Bashar al-Assad
Paul Biya
Hugo Chavez
King Abdullah

Question 10:

Which was the leader of Myanmar in 2007?
Than Shwe
Paul Biya
Robert Mugabe
Islam Karimov

Question 11:

This person began his rule of Uzbekistan in 1989.
Paul Biya
Robert Mugabe
King Mswati
Islam Karimov

Question 12:

Which leader took control of Equatorial Guinea in 1979?
Pervez Musharraf
Teodoro Obian Nguema
Vladimir Putin
Chourmmaly Sayasone


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