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Cuban Missile Crisis

written by: danmontg
Many think that the Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest that the world came to a nuclear World War Three. This is a general quiz about one of the major events of the Cold War.

Question 1:

When did the Cuban Missile Crisis occur?
August 1964
April 1963
November 1961
October 1962

Question 2:

The US became convinced that Soviet nuclear missiles were in Cuba by which of the following?
Soviet announcement of the instillation of nuclear missiles in Cuba
a Cuban defector's report and pictures of missiles sites
photos taken by a U-2 spy plane
a CIA spy's report

Question 3:

Who were the leaders of the US and the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Johnson, Khrushchev
Kennedy, Khrushchev
Eisenhower, Stalin
Johnson, Brezhnev

Question 4:

During the Cold War, in the first week after discovering the nuclear missiles in Cuba, the US did which of the following?
threatened nuclear attack on the Soviet Union if the Soviet nuclear missiles were not removed from Cuba
debated with the Soviet Union in the United Nation concerning the legality of the nuclear missiles in Cuba
demanded immediate withdrawal of the missiles or the US would invade Cuba
made no public mention of the missiles in Cuba

Question 5:

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US President and his advisors ultimately decided that their best immediate response to the Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba would be to blockade Cuba. Why did they think this was the best decision?
All of these
The US had superior naval and military power in the Caribbean area.
Stronger measures such as bombing the missile sites could later be used if the blockade failed.
A blockade was less likely to risk nuclear war than other options under consideration.

Question 6:

The US gained some legality for their blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when they received strong approval and support from this organization.
The Organization of American States
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The European Union
The United Nations

Question 7:

What statement is true about the Soviet response to the US blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
The Soviet Union attempted to run the blockade but stopped when three Soviet ships were sunk.
The Soviet Union accepted the blockade as legal and made no attempt to have it removed.
The Soviet Union tried to sink US warships using torpedoes from submarines but failed to sink any US ships.
The Soviet Union turned back from the blockade their cargo ships that were carrying military materials.

Question 8:

There was only one death as a result of military action during the Cuban Crisis. When did it occur?
when the US fired on a Soviet ship at the blockade line
when an American U-2 spy plane was shot down over Cuba
when a US ship was damaged by a torpedo fired by a Soviet submarine
when a Cuban soldier was killed during a fight between US warplanes and Cuban antiaircraft guns

Question 9:

How did the US show that it was not fabricating a story about Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
None of these
by releasing information about the missiles gathered by Cuban opponents of Castro
by getting testimony of the presence of Soviet nuclear missiles from United Nation observers from neutral nations
by showing pictures in the United Nations Security Council of the missiles taken by US aircraft

Question 10:

The Cuban Missile Crisis was finally resolved when the following agreement was reached.
The US would promise never to invade Cuba.
All of these
The US promised (secretly) to remove its nuclear missiles that were near the Soviet Union in Turkey.
The Soviets would remove their nuclear missiles from Cuba.


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