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Confusing Math Puzzles

written by: bobby
These are some very difficult math puzzles. If you cope with them, then you may call yourself 'a math puzzle master'.

Question 1:

A worm can gnaw through 1 mm of paper for a single day. On a bookshelf there are two volumes, each 4 cm thick. Each of the covers is 2 mm thick. How long will it take the warm to gnaw from the first page of the first volume to the last page of the second volume?
14 days
60 days
4 days
80 days

Question 2:

The train leaves in 2 minutes and the distance to the train station is 2 miles. If you drive the first mile at 30 miles/h, at what speed should you drive the second mile?
90 miles/h
60 miles/h
120 miles/h
It does not matter.

Question 3:

A driver noticed that the dashboard showed he had driven a total number of 15951 miles. He thought that this was a strange number because no matter in what direction it was read (from left to right or from right to left) it was the same. However, in two hours, the dashboard showed a number that had that same characteristic. What was the speed of the car?

Question 4:

The child calls him 'daddy' but is not his son. What is the child?

Question 5:

Three hunters, different in height, got stuck in a pit. They tried to get out of it and stepped one onto the other. However, the shortest, who was on top, could not reach the edge for just 5 cm. Can these three hunters ever get out of the pit without the help of anyone else or of any additional object?

Question 6:

In the Middle Ages a thief went into a church and fell asleep on a pew. He dreamed about stealing the cross of the minister and being sentenced to execution for that. However, just as he was about to be executed, he was woken by a local lady. Immediately after that the thief died. Modern scientists say it was due to a heart attack. Is everything okay with the story?

Question 7:

These two statements are true about a city, called 'A'.
1) There are no two citizens who have an equal number of hairs on their heads.
2) No one has more than 517 hairs on their head.
What is the biggest possible number of citizens in this city?

Question 8:

A tribe had a special way to count. They used the hands of their deity. Once the chief said that in the tribe there were 16 women and 13 men, 32 persons in total. How many were the hands of the deity?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 9:

One of these pairs of numbers has this strange characteristic - when you subtract one of them from the other you get a number equal to what you will get if you divide one by the other. Can you spot it?
3 and 2/12
30/6 and 36/6
25/4 and 5/4
24/6 and 24/8

Question 10:

How many months of the year have 30 days?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)


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