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Classic Fairy Tales

written by: Eve
Enter the magic realm of fairy tales. Find out who lives happily ever after.

Question 1:

In Andersen's fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea", a young woman arrives at the royal family's gate and claims to be a real princess. Who decides to test the validity of her claim by placing a pea under her mattresses?
the Queen
the Prince's sister
the King
the Prince

Question 2:

Who takes Hansel and Gretel to the forest and abandons them there in Grimm's classic fairy tale?
their stepfather
their father
their mother
the with

Question 3:

Which of these fairy tales by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen has a happy ending?
All of these
The Snow Queen
The Little Mermaid
The Little Match Girl

Question 4:

In what fairy tale does a curious wife find the dead bodies of her husband's previous wives?
Beauty and the Beast
King Thrushbeard

Question 5:

In the fairy tale "The Musicians of Bremen", four animals decide to become musicians upon finding that they are no longer useful to their owners. Which of the following is not one of the four animals?
a cat
a donkey
a rooster
a pig

Question 6:

Which magic object is not correctly matched with the fairy tale?
The Little Mermaid - a key with drops of blood on it
Aladdin - a lamp
Snow White - a mirror
The Wild Swans - nettle shirts

Question 7:

What popular fairy tale is not a recorded folktale, but an original work?
Sleeping Beauty
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

Question 8:

Why does Belle have to live in the castle with the Beast in the fairy tale "The Beauty and the Beast"?
because her sisters have stolen an enchanted mirror and a ring from the Beast
because she picked up a flower from the Beast's garden
because her sisters have stolen jewelry from the Beast
because her father picked up a flower from the Beast's garden

Question 9:

What are the names of the Princess and the Prince in the 1959 Disney animated feature, based on Charles Perrault classic tale "Sleeping Beauty"?
They are anonymous.
Aurora and Philip
Briar-Rose and Stefan
The Princess is named Aurora, the Prince is anonymous.

Question 10:

What diminutive fairy tale character encounters a toad, a beetle, a mouse, a mole and a swallow?
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
Tom Thumb
Hop o' My Thumb


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