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Celebrity Problems

written by: Aeria
Ok, ok, you've seen them many times on your TV screen or in movies and you are dying to have their hair, their body and perfect smile. Have you ever thought, however, that the perfect look of those famous movie stars and singers comes at a price? And that some of the problems they have might just be the same ones you had yesterday, for example. Take the quiz and then relax - they are just people like you, after all.

Question 1:

The publication of her inevitable autobiography seems to have made her admit that she had had anorexia in the past. Actually one could have easily come up with the idea at the look of her skinny body. What is her name?
Marilyn Monroe
Monica Bellucci
Cindy Crawford
Victoria Beckam

Question 2:

This celebrity made a public confession about her 2-in-1 combination, namely bulimia and anorexia.
Jane Fonda
Penelope Cruz
Alla Pugachova
Naomi Campbell

Question 3:

You think celebrities' riches are endless? Ok, hear this: this 80's glamorous star had to declare herself bankrupt in order to handle the $8.1 million claim by the studio that sued her.
Winona Ryder
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Andie MacDowell
Kim Basinger

Question 4:

His inability to maintain a serious relationship with a woman, led this artist to numerous depressive conditions. This made his brother have him taken to a psychiatric asylum in Arles, in 1888.
Leonardo da Vinci
Paul Gaugin
Claude Monet
Vincent van Gogh

Question 5:

Although he is known as the voice of Mufasa the father lion in "The Lion King" and Darth Vader in the "Star Wars" film trilogy, this actor suffers from a speech impediment - he stutters.
Robert Deniro
James Earl Jones
Leonardo Dicaprio
Clint Eastwood

Question 6:

In 1997 a cocktail of cocaine and alcohol stimulated the narcotic frenzy of this actor. He bit a man, and tried to get a police officer's gun. By that time he was already known as a person having drug and alcohol problems.
Brad Pitt
Antonio Banderas
Christian Slater
Keanu Reeves

Question 7:

Overdosing on drugs, domestic abuse and penchanting for prostitutes around mid 90's were just some of the acts in this actor's repertory.
Kris Kristofferson
Charlie Chaplin
Martin Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Question 8:

Having her first baby is a priority for every woman. But it can sometimes cause problems, as it was with a famous singer, who had to deliver her baby two months early.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Whitney Houston
Victoria Beckam
Jennifer Lopez

Question 9:

This marathon runner suffered from asthma almost her entire life.
Dominique Moceanu
Steve Sercombe
Paula Radcliffe
Karen Parsons

Question 10:

Being a US president does not guarantee strong health and longevity. This American president was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease and had a quadruple by-pass operation.
George Bush
James Earl Carter
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton


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