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Celebrity Deaths - 2018

written by: sanitation
Man, it has been a long time since I have done this, Well here it goes. This quiz will be about famous celebrities that passed away in the year 2018. Hopefully you like this quiz. I have provided ten questions, now it is time for you to do your part. Good luck and start quizzing!

Question 1:

View the provided image.
This actor from the hit television show "Frasier" passed away in 2018.
Daven Ogden Stiers
John Mahoney
Jim E. Stabile
Kelsey Grammar

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Question 2:

View the provided image.
This "Night Court" actor passed away in 2018 at the Age of 65 years old.
Harry Morgan
Harry Anderson
Richard Moll
Charles Robinson

View Image

Question 3:

View the provided image.
This singer who passed away in 2018, was a big part of the group Jefferson Starship in the 1970's.
Marty Balin
Marty Hart
Mickey Thomas
Mickey Redmond

View Image

Question 4:

View the provided image.
This actor who died in 2018 was on the long running television sitcom "Coach".
Richard Fondler
Hayden Fox
Dick Van Dyke
Jerry Van Dyke

View Image

Question 5:

View the provided image.
This actor who played Major Winchester lll on the classic hit television show M*A*S*H died in 2018.
David Ogden Stiers
McClean Stevenson
Mike Farrell
Harry Morgan

View Image

Question 6:

View the provided image.
This actress who played Mrs. Garrett on the hit sitcom 'The Facts of Life", passed away in 2018.
Margot Kidder
Beverly Ponce
Charlotte Rae
Hedda Nussbaum

View Image

Question 7:

View the provided image.
This actor who passed away in 2018 played the role of Chester Tate on the hit 70's television show "Soap".
Robet Guilliaume
Richard Mulligan
John Byner
Robert Mandan

View Image

Question 8:

View the provided image.
This singer who passed away in 2018 was known as the Queen of Soul.
Dinah Washington
Etta James
Aretha Franklin
Diana Ross

View Image

Question 9:

View the provided image.
This Hollywood heartthrob passed away in 208 at the age of 83.
Sandra Locke
Mike Cocke
Burt Reynolds
Rock Hudson

View Image

Question 10:

View the provided image.
This diminutive actor passed away in 2018 at the age of 49.
Peter Dinklage
Gary Coleman
Emmanuel Lewis
Verne Troyer

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