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Celebrities In Their Many Memorable and Would like to Forget Roles

written by: Batman01
Guessing the actor or actress from TV , radio, plays or movies. For instance: This comedianne's character had a very successful run for many years and appeared in the movie "Room Service". Can you pick her out of these lovely ladies: a) Lucille Ball, B) Vivian Vance, c) etc

Question 1:

Danny Thomas' TV wife Jean Hagen would certainly like to forget her role in this movie as Lina Lamont. Can you pick the musical she was in?
"Singing in the Rain"
"Guys and Dolls"
"Hollywood Canteen"

Question 2:

I was in a lot of westerns, but I am most fondly remembered for roles in science fiction films such as Dr Albert Stein in "Kronos (1957)", Mr. BowHead in "The Man with the X-ray Eyes(1963)" and had a recurring role as Judges Bates and Cadwell on the Perry Mason TV series(1957). Can you find my name?
Ray Malland
Morris Ankrum
Steve McQueen
Peter Graves

Question 3:

My TV audience just loved me in the movies when I was playing May Daly/Madame DuBarry with Red Skelton in "DuBarry was a Lady", as Sally Elliot in "The Fuller Brush Girl and Christine Malowe with the Marx brothers in "Room Service". Can you bobaloo who I am?
Lucille Ball
Gracie Allen
Ann Miller
Ester Williams

Question 4:

The appearences that I made were in movies and TV as these characters: Chris Jorgenson in the movie "The Thin Man" (1935), The CIsco Kid in the movie "The Cisco Kid and the Lady" (1939) and on TV as the Joker on "Batman" (1966-1968). My name is no laughing matter. Try to bat-a-rang my name.
Duncan Renaldo
Jim Carry
Cesar Romero
William Powell

Question 5:

This masked hero also played Captain Sinbad (1963), Will Cartwright on the TV show "Bonanza" (1964) and of course John Robinson on "Lost in Space". Tornardo knows the answer, do you?
Antonio Banderis
Guy Williams
Clayton Moore
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Question 6:

Many of my talents included roles in films and on TV as these characters: Master of Ceremony in "Cabaret" (1966, 1987), Chiun the Korean Grand Master in "Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins" (1985) and last but not least as Adam the Devil in the final episode on the TV show "Dallas" (1991). Think you know who I am?
Larry Hagman
Patrick Duffy
Ray Walston
Joel Grey

Question 7:

Some of my scary roles were as these characters: Nardo in the eastside kids comedy "Spooks Run Wild" (1941), Emil in the eastside kids comedy
"Ghosts on the Loose" (1943) and Ghoul man in the science fiction movie "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959). Lou Costello would certainly know who I am, do you dare guess?
George Zucco
Bela Lugosi
Christopher Lee
Lon Chaney Jr

Question 8:

I was a man who played plenty of parts such as Dr. Arthur Carrington in the James Arness movie "The Thing from Another World" (1951), Howard Buss in several TV episodes of "Picket Fences" (1994) and Harry Brumnner in the episode "Wild Cards" in the TV show "Chicago Hope" (1995). Think you can pick me out?
Robert O. Cornthwaite
George Zucco
George Feniman
Kenneth Tobey

Question 9:

This actor showed you nothing but good times while on TV portraying James Evans Jr. and as the Father of Lisa Wilkes from the TV show" The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1990). He also had a recurring role as Ed on the TV show "Two and a Half Men"(2003). Can you lock up his identity? Sylvester Stallone can.
Charlie Sheen
Martin Sheen
Bill Cosby
John A. Amos Jr.

Question 10:

My many escapades include these personalities: Lizzie Borden in the movie "The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975), Katherine Merrill in "Dark Victory" (1976) and Abigail Foster in the movie "Between the Darkness and the Dawn" (1985). The answer is bewitching. Can you twitch your nose to help you get the answer?
Nicole Kidman
Elizabeth Montgomery
Cloris Leachman
Margaret Hamilton


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