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Call My Bluff

written by: mugimtv
There was a TV game "Called My Bluff". Here is my Internet variation of it. The rules are simple - one word, four definitions. You have to choose the right one. Shall we try?

Question 1:

What does the word 'hoxter' mean?
someone who teaches magic
one who advocates equal rights for men
any drug which relieves depression
the inside pocket on a suit or coat

Question 2:

What does a 'tegestologist' do?
predicts the movement of stellar objects
studies porcelain and items made of porcelain
collects beer mugs and beer coasters
trades with old coins and notes

Question 3:

Which of these is the meaning of the word 'quodlibertarian'?
a person who will testify to anything for the right price
a pedantic person who engages in elaborate arguments about minor things
one who can talk about numerous subjects
someone who either has been married four times or who is married to four people

Question 4:

What is the definition of the word 'buccula'?
a piece of firewood
a person with huge eyebrows
an extremely ugly young woman
a double chin

Question 5:

What is the meaning of the world "kalling"?
living under rocks
a headache which covers the entire head
fortunetelling based on what variety of cabbage a blindfolded person picks
the use of foul or abusive language to relieve stress or ease pain

Question 6:

What does the word 'tarantism' mean?
tyrannical rulership of a woman by her husband
the act of eating raw flesh
an urge to overcome melancholy by dancing
showing off by using words

Question 7:

What is the meaning of 'estivation'?
the art of creating new words to represent entire sentences, or shorthand notation
the act of building a nest
going somewhere for the summer
eating snakes

Question 8:

'Tomecide' is a word referring to which of the following?
a place with few or no men
a neurosis caused by serving in the military
the philosophy that society is built upon individuals helping each other
murdering or destroying a book

Question 9:

Which of these is the definition for the word 'funkify'?
to cause a frog or a toad to fly through the air
to quickly eat one's meal, not taking time to savor it
to run away in fear
to spend all your time trying to make money

Question 10:

What does the word 'hadeharia' refer to?
a government of saints
the crime of beating a person in their own home
anything considered holy or sacred
the practice of constantly using the word "hell" in speaking


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