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Brady Bunch Trivia

written by: gspttd1
This is a fun quiz for any Brady Bunch geek, like me! It's not too hard, give it a try.

Question 1:

In "The Drummer Boy", an episode of the TV series "The Brady Bunch", Peter's football teammates made fun of him for what reason?
His voice was changing
He had a huge zit on the tip of his nose
He had joined the dance club at school
He had joined the glee club at school

Question 2:

In the "Father of the Year" episode of "The Brady Bunch", Marcia sneaks out of her bedroom window, as a result of which she is grounded by her new father. Why did she have to sneak out after bedtime?
to wait for her mother
to meet her boyfriend
to mail a letter
to feed a homeless cat

Question 3:

On "The Brady Bunch", prompted by her desire to impress Clark Tyson, Jan invented a boyfriend, whose name was what?
Harvey Spoon
George Glass
Ron Glass
George Bush

Question 4:

During the first season of "The Brady Bunch", Cindy accuses her step-brother, Bobby of stealing and hiding her Kitty Karryall doll. What really happened to her doll?
Cindy herself mislaid the doll
Bobby traded the doll to a friend for a kazoo
Marcia threw it out because she thought Cindy was too old for dolls.
Tiger took the doll to his doghouse

Question 5:

On the "The Brady Bunch", what actress played the shop assistant who sold Jan a wig?
Suzanne Pleshette
Carol Kester
Marcia Wallace
Shirley Jones

Question 6:

In the famous TV show, the Bradys lived at what address?
4222 Jefferson Ave
4222 Clinton Ave
4222 Maple St
4222 Sunnyvale St

Question 7:

In "Never Too Young", an episode of "The Brady Bunch", Bobby kisses Millicent, a character portrayed by which actress?
Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Sue Anderson
Tatum O'Neal
Jodie Foster

Question 8:

In season one of the "The Brady Bunch", Carol and Mike discovered that Greg had a crush on someone named Linda. Who is the mysterious Linda?
The hair-netted lunch lady in the cafeteria
Greg's math teacher
The head cheerleader at school
Marcia's new friend from Seattle

Question 9:

In the Hawaiian episodes of "The Brady Bunch", the character portrayed by Vincent Price keeps talking to an idol statue, which he calls by what name?
King Kamehameha

Question 10:

On the sitcom "The Brady Bunch", the kids need money to buy a present for their parents' anniversary, so they decide to perform on a TV show under what name?
"The Banana Convention"
"The Psychedelic Six"
"The Brady Six"
"The Silver Platters"


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