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Brady Bunch Trivia

written by: gspttd1
This is a fun quiz for any Brady Bunch geek, like me! It's not too hard, give it a try.

Question 1:

In "The Drummer Boy", an episode of the TV series "The Brady Bunch", Peter's football teammates made fun of him for what reason?
He had joined the dance club at school
His voice was changing
He had a huge zit on the tip of his nose
He had joined the glee club at school

Question 2:

In the "Father of the Year" episode of "The Brady Bunch", Marcia sneaks out of her bedroom window, as a result of which she is grounded by her new father. Why did she have to sneak out after bedtime?
to wait for her mother
to meet her boyfriend
to feed a homeless cat
to mail a letter

Question 3:

On "The Brady Bunch", prompted by her desire to impress Clark Tyson, Jan invented a boyfriend, whose name was what?
George Bush
Harvey Spoon
Ron Glass
George Glass

Question 4:

During the first season of "The Brady Bunch", Cindy accuses her step-brother, Bobby of stealing and hiding her Kitty Karryall doll. What really happened to her doll?
Bobby traded the doll to a friend for a kazoo
Tiger took the doll to his doghouse
Marcia threw it out because she thought Cindy was too old for dolls.
Cindy herself mislaid the doll

Question 5:

On the "The Brady Bunch", what actress played the shop assistant who sold Jan a wig?
Suzanne Pleshette
Carol Kester
Marcia Wallace
Shirley Jones

Question 6:

In the famous TV show, the Bradys lived at what address?
4222 Jefferson Ave
4222 Maple St
4222 Clinton Ave
4222 Sunnyvale St

Question 7:

In "Never Too Young", an episode of "The Brady Bunch", Bobby kisses Millicent, a character portrayed by which actress?
Melissa Gilbert
Jodie Foster
Tatum O'Neal
Melissa Sue Anderson

Question 8:

In season one of the "The Brady Bunch", Carol and Mike discovered that Greg had a crush on someone named Linda. Who is the mysterious Linda?
Marcia's new friend from Seattle
The hair-netted lunch lady in the cafeteria
The head cheerleader at school
Greg's math teacher

Question 9:

In the Hawaiian episodes of "The Brady Bunch", the character portrayed by Vincent Price keeps talking to an idol statue, which he calls by what name?
King Kamehameha

Question 10:

On the sitcom "The Brady Bunch", the kids need money to buy a present for their parents' anniversary, so they decide to perform on a TV show under what name?
"The Silver Platters"
"The Banana Convention"
"The Brady Six"
"The Psychedelic Six"


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