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Biblical Terms In Contemporary English

written by: marcing
This quiz focuses on English words and phrases that have biblical origin. It's more a linguistic quiz than a biblical one.

Question 1:

What kind of person may you call "Judas"?
Someone who follows you
A friend who betrayed you
A thief
A person who committed suicide

Question 2:

Which of the following events can be referred to as an "Armageddon"?
The last gathering of a group of friends
A death of a charismatic leader
The last and completely destructive battle
A battle between former allies

Question 3:

Which use of "Goliath" is correct?
The local grocery successfully competed against the nearby Goliath supermaket
Fiesta is a real Goliath among Ford's models.
Switzerland is the Goliath of international politics.
The FIFA 2006 World Cup final between France and Italy was like David against Goliath.

Question 4:

How would you describe a "Samaritan"?
A person who migrates to a foreign country
A person who helps people in need
An egoist
An enemy

Question 5:

Who is the "salt of the earth"?
People who do not keep their word
All Christians
People who spread gossips
Decent, reliable people

Question 6:

Who can be best described as "doubting Thomas"?
Someone who believes only what he sees
Anyone who doesn't believe in God
A scientist (especially in physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology)
A left-wing politician

Question 7:

Which of the following can be described as a "prodigal son"?
A young man who wastes his parents' money on parties
A son that is very obedient and does dutifully everything his parents tell him
The youngest son in the family
The firstborn son

Question 8:

What does the sentence "Ann was the apple of Mark's eye" tell us about the relation between those two?
Ann is deeply in love with Mark.
Mark is deeply in love with Ann.
Ann hates Mark.
Mark hates Ann.

Question 9:

What characteristic is commonly attributed to King Solomon?

Question 10:

What message am I conveying, if I say "I don't know him from Adam"?
The person is completely unknown to me.
I don't know his true character.
In spite of the negative form, the idiom means that you know someone very well.
I know very little about the person.

Question 11:

What does the phrase "of biblical proportions" mean?
of little importance
related to a flood
very sinful in its nature
of a vast, enormous scale

Question 12:

If John knows Mary "in the biblical sense", what can we say about the pair?
They have had sex.
Their parents decided about their marriage.
Mary is John's sister.
They are in a Platonic relationship (ie. love, but no sex).


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