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Ben 10 Monsters

written by: ralphatnegam
This quiz is all about fictional character Ben Tennyson and the bizarre forms he can take.

Question 1:

What is the power of Wildmutt, the alien from the Ben 10 series?
Projects fire
He is nearly indestructible
Lightning speed
an incredible athletic ability.

Question 2:

Which of these powers belongs to the Ben 10 character named Diamondhead?
Strength for grabbing, throwing, and smashing
Projects fire
Nearly indestructible
Rolls himself into a ball of armor

Question 3:

The Ben 10 alien Cannonbolt is good at this.
Rolling himself into a ball of armor
Passing through solid surfaces
Infiltration, spying and sabotage
Launching exploding spore pods from his body

Question 4:

Ripjaws from the animated series Ben 10 is famous for having this power.
becoming invisible
none of these
absorbing heat and flames
diving deep into the ocean

Question 5:

What is the power of Fourarms in the series Ben 10?
Runs up sheer walls
Expels combustible gases with accuracy
Digests almost any material
Creates shockwaves by smashing the ground

Question 6:

What is the power of Xlr8 in the Ben 10 series?
Stretches out limbs to climb, grab, and strike
Lightning speed
He is extremely acrobatic
Shatters solid objects

Question 7:

What is the power of Stinkfly in Ben 10?
Digests almost any material
He is extremely acrobatic
Lightning speed
Projects fire

Question 8:

In the series Ben 10, Upchuck has this power.
Lightning speed
He is extremely acrobatic
Projects fire
Digests almost any material

Question 9:

Which of these powers does Greymatter possess in the animated series Ben 10?
Rolls himself into a ball of armor
Expels combustible gases with accuracy
Launches exploding spore pods from his body
He is good at infiltration, spying, and sabotage

Question 10:

What power does the Ben 10 creature known as Wildvine have?
Nearly indestructible
Launches exploding spore pods from his body
Absorbs heat and flames
Incredible athletic ability


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