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Baseball Hall of Fame Nicknames

written by: billstar
Baseball is a sport rich in quite descriptive, sometimes humorous, nicknames. Here's a batch of players that are all in the Hall of Fame and were known by a specific nickname.

Question 1:

Having played only one season in the majors with the 1959 Phillies, this player, popularly known as "Sparky," later made his mark as a manager.
Earl Weaver
George Anderson
Walter Alston
John McGraw

Question 2:

"Old Aches and Pains" played twenty years for the Chicago White Sox, winning batting titles in 1936 and 1943. What is his real name?
Tony Lazzeri
Luke Appling
Frank Malzone
Luis Aparicio

Question 3:

This player, nicknamed "Mr. Cub", spent nineteen seasons in the Windy City with the Chicago Cubs.
Ernie Banks
Sammy Sosa
Ferguson Jenkins
Ryne Sandberg

Question 4:

This classy left-hander, known as "Lefty", was a ten-time All-Star and winner of four Cy Young Awards.
Randy Jones
Whitey Ford
Warren Spahn
Steve Carlton

Question 5:

Drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1972, "The Kid" won three Gold Gloves as a catcher. He finished his career with 324 home runs and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2003. What is his real name?
Lance Parrish
Carlton Fisk
Ted Simmons
Gary Carter

Question 6:

This player, nicknamed "Baby Bull", made his debut on April 15, 1958 hitting a home run against the L.A. Dodgers. He hit 379 home runs over a seventeen-year career and was the national League MVP in 1967.
Bobby Bonds
Orlando Cepeda
Wes Westrum
Danny Tartabull

Question 7:

This Old Timer, known as "Dizzy" Dean, pitched twelve years for the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Browns.
Jay Hanna
Henry Haymaker
Marvin Edward
Peter Paul

Question 8:

This player, known as "The Lip", began his career with the Yankees in 1925 and finished it with the St. Louis Browns in 1945. He is a three time All-Star, elected to the Hall of Fame in 1994.
Frank Crosetti
Bill Durham
Norm Siebern
Leo Durocher

Question 9:

This diminutive second baseman, known as "Nellie" Fox, led the Chicago White Sox into the World Series in 1959 against the Dodgers.
Jacob Nelson
Mordecai Abraham
Samuel Sheridan
Frank James

Question 10:

This player, known as the "Iron Horse", spent seventeen seasons with the New York Yankees hitting 493 home runs. When he retired, he brought the crowd at Yankee Stadium to tears by saying he was "the luckiest man on the face of the earth".
Babe Ruth
Hank Bauer
Joe DiMaggio
Lou Gehrig


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