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Backstairs at the White House

written by: webbie1960
This is probably one of the best made for TV mini series. Let's see how well you remember the cast.

Question 1:

This actor from "Airplane" and the "Naked-Gun" films, played Ike Hoover in the Backstairs at the "White House" miniseries.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 2:

This actor, who died far too young in 1982 of a heart attack, played President William Howard Taft in "Backstairs at the White House". This was a significant change in character for the actor who was a villain on the "Batman" TV series.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 3:

He played the Professor President (Woodrow Wilson) in "Backstairs at the White House", but his role in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" was far more dashing. He starred on three different occasions with acting legend Steve McQueen.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 4:

View the provided image.
John Anderson, who bore a striking resemblance in life to Abraham Lincoln, played this democrat on "Backstairs at the White House".
Adlai Stevenson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
John F. Kennedy

View Image

Question 5:

The actor, who played Dwight Eisenhower in "Backstairs at the White House", starred in "Lancer" in the 60's and early 70's as Murdock Lancer.

Question 6:

Most often associated with his roles on "Dragnet" and "M.A.S.H.", this actor played Harry Truman on "Backstairs at the White House".  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 7:

View the provided image.
Blacklisted in the 40's and 50's during the McCarthy anti-socialist movement, this veteran actor had a brilliant career on stage and television. His wife died of an asthma attack at the 1986 Oscars. He was awarded a Tony in 1987. In "Backstairs at the White House" he played Senator Fall.
Wendell Randolph
John Randolph
Henry Sanders
Reginald Sanders

View Image

Question 8:

She played Mrs. Jaffray in "Backstairs At the White House" and Ida in "Malcolm in the Middle". My personal favorite role of hers was as Phyllis in "The Marry Tyler Moore Show".
Betty White
Gloria Reiner
Valarie Harper
Cloris Leachman

Question 9:

He won a KATY Award for best supporting actor in "Ordinary People". He has appeared on "JAG" and on "Prison Break" but back in 1979, he played Butler Dixon on "Backstairs at the White House".
Bill Overton
James A. Watson Jr.
Hari Rhodes
David Downing

Question 10:

This popular actor started his career at the age of 17 and was 43 when he played Levi Mercer, the leading male role on the show "Backstariers at the White House". He was the voice of Zahn on "Delgo" and played Luicius Fox on "Batman".  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)


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