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An Encyclopedia to Modern History

written by: bas191
I have taken random historical events from the last several centuries, that still influence our everyday lives.

Question 1:

During his lifetime Montesquieu (1689 -1755) was an outright critic of the French Absolutism. He put this forward in books like Lettres Persanes (Persian Letters - 1721). He also developed his own view on an ideal political system which he described in his L'esprit des Lois (on the Spirit of Laws -1748). What political system was he envisioning?
Constitutional Monarchy

Question 2:

In June 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte and his Grand Armee suddenly invaded Russia at Nemel. After victories at Smolensk and Borodino, Napoleon managed to conquer Moscow without a fight. It was the start of the end of his army. After Russian refusals to come to terms and a big fire in Moscow, Napoleon was forced to retreat. The retreat turned into a complete disaster when crossing the Berezina river in November 1812. At what place did this crossing take place?

Question 3:

On September 27th, 1779 this politician was appointed by American Congress to start negotiating peace with the British.
Thomas Jefferson
Ben Franklin
John Adams
John Jay

Question 4:

Between 1639 and 1858 Japan was largely isolated from the outside world. The port of Nagasaki was only open to Dutch and Chinese ships. In 1858 Commander Perry forced the Japanese Shogun to stop preventing trade. What was one of the results of this event?
The loss of Nagasaki to a foreign power
The assassination of Tokugawa Yoshinobu
The Meiji Restoration
A rise to power of the Shogunate

Question 5:

In 1861 Italy was finally (largely) unified with Victor Emmanuel II assuming the title of King of Italy. Who became the first Prime Minister of Italy?
Giuseppe Mazzini
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Camillo di Cavour
Bettino Ricasoly

Question 6:

In 1876 the International Comittee of the Red Cross came into being. Which battle witnessed by one of the founders led to the foundation of the Red Cross?
The battle of Sedan September 1st, 1870
The battle of Bezzeca July 21st, 1866
The battle of Antietam September 27th, 1862
The battle of Solferino June 24th, 1859

Question 7:

View the provided image.
The assassination that took place at the site in the picture would change history for good. What assassination am I referring to?
The Franz Ferdinand assassination 1914
The Michael Colins assassination 1922
The Lord Kitchener assassination 1916
The Benito Mussolini assassination 1945

View Image

Question 8:

What happened at Prokhorovka on July 12th, 1943?
The biggest infantry engagement of WW II
The biggest Tank batlle of WW II
The launch of Operation Kutzov
The launch of Operation Citadel

Question 9:

July 1969 will go into history as the month man first set foot on the Moon. However, in that same month and year another momentous event took place. Which event was that?
The Beatles give their last public performance
The Woodstock Festival
A coup in Libya brings to power Colonel Khadaffi
The Nixon Doctrine is declared

Question 10:

What is the 'War of Laws'?
The EU attempt to override local Member State law
The Iraqi's democratic government attempt to get an acceptable constitution
The implementation of National legislation laws vs. Soviet Union laws
ANC's attempt to change the discrimination laws in South Africa's Apartheid regime


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