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All In WHOSE Family?

written by: mwprods
Here are ten questions in the second installment of a quiz testing your knowledge of the blood links between famous people.

Question 1:

What former New York Yankee has an older sister who is a famous food critic and cookbook writer?
Tino Martinez
Ron Guidry
Don Mattingly
Paul O'Neill

Question 2:

This legendary sports columnist, the father of TV talker Maury Povich, spent almost 50 years at The Washington Post. His long, distinguished career ended when he died in 1998 at the age of 92.
Carol Povich
Brooke Povich
Shirley Povich
Evelyn Povich

Question 3:

This versatile cast member of "Saturday Night Live" was preceded into show business by her mother Minnie Riperton whose pop song "Lovin' You" was a hit single in 1975.
Tina Fey
Maya Rudolph
Amy Poehler
Rachel Dratch

Question 4:

Who is the stepson of Eve Ensler, the actress and writer who created "The Vagina Monologues" in 1996?
Denis Leary
Dylan McDermott
Dermot Mulroney
Steve Buscemi

Question 5:

Long before Michael Nesmith gained fame in the rock band The Monkees, his mother Bessie made her own fortune as the inventor of this indispensable office product.
Crazy Glue
Post-it note
Liquid Paper

Question 6:

Angelo Bartlett Giamatti, the father of Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti, briefly served as Commissioner of Major League Baseball in 1979. What major university did he preside over prior to that?
Yale University
Columbia University
Harvard University
Princeton University

Question 7:

Which former army captain and helicopter pilot, son of an Air Force general, eventually became a major songwriter, singer, and actor?
Michael Bolton
Kris Kristofferson
Billy Bush
Michael McDermott

Question 8:

This designer and owner of a huge women's furnishings enterprise is also respected for his social activism, which delights his politically liberal father-in-law Mario Cuomo, the former governor of New York.
Calvin Klein
Michael Kors
Ralph Lauren
Kenneth Cole

Question 9:

A rock journalist (whose original first name was Mark) won the National Book Critics Circle Award for his 1995 memoir "Shot In The Heart". The book tells the true story of the author's relationship with his infamous sibling, a convicted and executed murderer. What was the name of the murderer?
Albert deSalvo
Aileen Wuornos
Gary Gilmore
Ted Bundy

Question 10:

Diana Nemerov, an internationally acclaimed photographer, committed suicide some 12 years after her divorce from a young actor whom she had married against her wealthy parents’ wishes. Name the actor, who is best known for his frequent appearances on "M*A*S*H*".
McLean Stevenson
Allan Arbus
William Christopher
Larry Linville


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